Controversial: Why I eat meat after being a vegetation for so long

On the flight home I listened to a book I had discovered only the week before called ‘How to Manifest Your Desires’ by Neville Goddard. The books looks at the Bible as a story of a man’s (or woman’s) relationship with God or Consciousness instead of history. Your role in the relationship with divinity is Jesus (or I think he said Joshua in the Old Testament) and the role of you Higher Consciousness is played by God.

I would need to listen to the book about three more times before I could be sure I got that right. Either way Neville goes through Bible stories and explains the symbolism behind the words showing they have a deeper meaning than the surface holds.

Neville was using an example from his life where a teacher of his told him that he had been ‘Good for Nothing.’ Yet, if you listen to these words correctly (in context of the rest of the sentence, it meant Neville had been being ‘Good’ for ‘No reason.’ He had been living the life of a pauper avoiding smoking, alcohol, sex, meat etc in a attempt to be chaste. His teacher told him it was to the point of insanity. Once Neville broke free from piousness this is when it was explained to him that he had been ‘good for nothing.’

You see there are all manner of things people give up based on ideology with ‘Meat’ being easiest to explain without getting into religion (in some cases.)

I have been on and off a vegetarian for many years of my life. When I last broke free of it, it was with the feeling on being liberated from my ideology. It was because I had been taught animals in farms were helpless that I felt I was taking advantage of them. Yet what if even an animal in a cage is as powerful at manifesting as myself? Listening to Abraham-Hicks on the topic of eating ‘Meat’ helped to to put into words the reason why I suddenly felt it was fine to eat ‘Meat.’

If this leaves a few questions in your mind perhaps it was this one that answers it more fully.

I have not listened to the last one yet, but because I cannot currently review the above videos to make sure I am hitting all points, I am adding this one based on it’s title.


So now to me, being ‘Good for nothing’ does not mean worthless. It means picking up ideologies that do not resonate with your source vibration. Or as Bashar would put it, “Give up the beliefs that don’t belong to you- don’t be a belief thief!”

When I became a vegetarian, I took on another’s belief that animals are ‘helpless’ and ‘suffering.’ For some this belief is perfect for who they are. Some are naturally vegetarian.

You will come across many superstitions in the Spiritual World. If they benefit you, keep them, but know that they might not be necessary. I cannot go deeper into what these superstitions are for some people hold them as dear beliefs and who am I to question the beliefs of another?

I will let you know that superstitions can be empowering and I do not use the word only towards situations where it is commonly refereed to in our society. To me, it is not superstitious to believe in ghosts, the metaphysical etc.

So if you run across a vegetarian and you feel that it is needless self-sacrifice, just let the vegetarian be. Let them believe things like vegetables being more high vibration than meat. Debating with them would be the same as telling an elephant to eat meat, when at that moment it is most unnatural to them. If they ask you how you can be so spiritual and eat meat, you may explain. If they do not ask, do not try to change them.

So if this message and the Abraham-Hicks videos only bring up anger within you. Just reject all I have said. If somehow the idea brings you relief, I suggest listening to the videos until you can understand which parts resonate with you. Are you ready to accept the idea that there are no helpless players in this game? Even with this belief, you can still help people. You can still work towards the better treatment of farm animals, if it is your passion to do so. Yet know, all are Magicians in this game of life. The Homeless Man is as powerful as the Billionaire. The mosquito equal with the angel. Different lives each one has, yes, powerful manifestors none-the-less.

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