Playing with Prosperity: Day 2

I have remembered to play the Prosperity Game again today. The first day of the game, I imagined spending $1000, today I will need to imagine spending $2000. As I managed to spend the full $1000 yesterday, today I have do not need to add anything onto the $2000. I will be on a vacation likely without my computer for a from Monday-Friday. I am going to be taking my Nephew to Californa with my Sisters and spending some time in the area before coming home to quickly clean/move rooms before my new roommate moves in.

I would be a bit more afraid of getting along with my new roommate as I have never met her in person, but something about her name and the reason she is going to college tells me we just might get along. Anyway, onto the Prosperity Game.

This time my spending will be at the Apple store… only I will not go through checkout.

1 iPad Pro 12.9-inch (personalized with the words: I manifested thee at last) 512GB and Wi-fi + cellular = $1,229

Apple Care = $99

Apple Pencil = $99

Smart Keyboard = $169

Tax = $95.76

Total = $1,691.76

Remaining = $308.24

Now let’s visit the TeaForte Site to pick up some much-needed tea!

I am picking 2 VST TEA CHESTs = $60 (x2) = $120 + $7.20 tax = $127.20

Remaining $181.04 which I am going to spend on art apps for my iPad Pro.

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