Challenge: Playing with Prosperity: Day 1

Here is a quote from the article I am going to link to… it is about the Prosperity Game created by Abraham-Hicks.

On the first day, deposit $1,000. And spend it. In other words, make a $1,000 deposit entry into your checkbook register, then write out checks to spend those dollars. You could spend your money all in one place, using one check, or you could spend it for several different things, using several different checks. The point of the game is to have fun thinking about what you would like to purchase, and to enjoy the process of actually writing out the checks.

Be descriptive on the memo portion of the check. For example: For a beautiful writing pen or Great running shoes or Membership at Gordon’s Health Spa. You can spend it all today, or save some of it for another day. However, we encourage you to do your best to spend it today, because tomorrow you will be making another wonderful deposit.

On the second day, deposit $2,000.

On the third day, deposit $3,000.

On the fourth day, deposit $4,000.

When you reach day 50, deposit $50,000.When you reach day 300, deposit $300,000. If you play this game every day for one year, you will have deposited and spent more than $66 million.

If you are interested in this kind of game and learning the reasons behind it, I suggest you click on the link with the quote.

I have decided to play the Prosperity Game. As much as I would love a Prosperity Game App to keep track of how much I’ve spent and how much I have to spend, I will haphazardly do it on this site. Now I might get a little busy and miss days/weeks at a time.

So to keep the explanation short I have $1000 to spend to day (with my secret check book).

First stop: Etsy for the Secretary Desk I’ve been wanting for a while… as prices of furniture vary greatly. I will link to the one I select… here.


This Secretary Desk is $595 + $200 Shipping + $47.70 tax = $842.70

Leaving me $157.30 to spend. Yes, a bit more than a Secretary Desk on Craiglist, but thankfully someone will be moving it for me.

Next I picked a Dryad Statue to go in the top part of the desk… here.

I will not post a picture because that belongs to the artist. The statue is $80 + $13.05 Shipping + $5.48 tax = $98.53

So the remaining is $58.77 of which I will go to a Sushi restaurant and spend $30 (including tips and taxes.) Yes, I am having the Eel Dinner with Tea and Dessert along a good 20-25% tip.

This gives me $28.77

I intend to spend this on a Starbucks Cold Cup costing $18.95 + $1.14 tax = $20.09

This will give me $8.68 to fill the cut with a drink for about $4.68.

Start: $1000

Remaining $4 which I will use on giving a better Tip at my favorite Sushi restaurant.

Day one was hardly a challenge. In fact I wish I had more to spend because I have many hours to fill.

Tomorrow I have $2000 to spend. Which will not be a challenge for me either.

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