We often throw words around without much thought. We think of ‘Creative’ as a trait, but in actuality, it is an action. The act of Creating. Humans have been creating for a long time. Being Creative and be as Artsy as Fine Art or as useful as building a house. Ever stop to think of the Creative power of the Construction Worker? We can build everything from complex systems to child’s games.

People call me Creative because they think of me Artsy, yet that is a simple outdated view of the word. Creativity is not limited to one side of the brain. Creativity does not come with a box of characteristics, it is something common to all of humanity.

When people get together to build a stronger nation, that is Creative. Every day, we largely create our day from a series of choices, most of which we do not even stop to consider.

Creativity is a power word. As after all, the Creator is another word for God, Source.

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  1. I find the creativity that goes into making some tiny houses to be fascinating. I have enjoyed playing with a free CAD program for years to come up with different home designs for fun. I love the idea of creating something that is practical and beautiful, something that will be lived in instead of just looked at from time to time. Had residential design been a degree program I could do fully online and afford, I probably would have that degree or be working torward it.

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