EPIC Trip Planning


I have this habit of putting a ticket into the lottery and later going home and thinking about all the things I would do if money were infinitely in Abundance. One habit of mine is to look up the cruises coming up on different cruise lines, but at other times I will just type a city into the search along with a hotel.

I have come up with some crazy ideas in my time. Such as taking the train from Michigan to Seattle with many stops along the way. Once I got to Seattle I was thinking of using the bus system to go around.

You see I spent a wonderful day in Seattle once. I was going on a cruise with my family, but it was delayed because they needed to clean the entire ship after sickness broke out the previous cruise. So we were given a hotel ballroom filled with little sneaks and water, and hours to travel around downtown Seattle. The weather was so nice and the city so amazing that I wanted to go back. So when given a High School Technology Class assignment of planning a trip, I planned a long train trip to Seattle.

On a side note, one Technology Class Assignment was to plan our life after high school. I decided to find a small monastery somewhere in South America where they still had vows of Silence for Nuns. They appeared to make crafts to sell as well. I am unsure if I ever took the traditional route on these Technology Class ‘Surf the Web’ assignments.

The travel assignment is so fun, that I repeated it several times. Only nowadays, after having ridden on a train, I just pick regular airfare. So I challenge you, to plan an EPIC trip as if you have just won the lottery and want to celebrate with a trip.

First off, where would you like to go?

Would there be a theme like gourmet food?

Would you like to Fly First Class for maybe the first time?

Would you like to cruise to many places?

You do not have to tell me your results. This is a Daydream kind of assignment based loosely in reality.

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