Oh, it is one of those times when I cannot even think of a title. It is a quiet morning, the light is the softer Fall glow, that though I think there is no mist, has a dulling effect on the outline of buildings. It would be time to start using the light box in the morning, for those of you who are effected by S.A.D. The light just doesn’t have the same piercing quality of Summer.

I was bundled far to warm for my walk this morning. As soon as I got to a building the coat had to come off. I tend to be one of the first to pull out a winter coat. Yet, there have been transition times where I misjudged the weather so had to pick up some cheap warm clothes from a store downtown. There is one store that sells very good condition (like new) used clothes so that is my go to for picking up something so I can continue to stay outside instead of heading home as the Sun gets lower. They even get Used clothes in from different countries. I got a Irish Brand that doesn’t sell in the US and a jacket for a Japanese Baseball team there.

See what happens when I have no title I can think of? The title is the Subject I want to write on, and sometimes has to be changed by the time I get to the end of a post. When I have no topic to write on, either I somehow hit gold or I end up talking about Sweet Potato recipes/bean recipes.

I am admitting to the world that after 3 years of total vegetarianism and 1 year of mostly vegetarianism… I am going back to eating meat. I was in the in between phase for a long time of eating meat once a week. Yet, as of late, for reasons I do not understand, I have been craving meat. So this week while grocery shopping I picked up Beef Hot Dogs, Michigan style Meat and Bean Chili, Hamburger meat, and Bacon. (Among other things.)

Last night I ate two Hot Dogs with Michigan style Chili while wondering what exactly makes this can of Chili different from non-Michigan chili. To me it tasted like normal chili, but I am born in raised in Michigan, so I guess it would.

I shopped at a different location,, as I had a $5 off of $50 at a more expensive grocery store (that has more local food), they also were having a special Sale on Meats. So, as I was craving Meat, the two together drew me to a store I usually shop at only once a year.

Now this is not the most expensive grocery store in Ann Arbor, by far, yet costly enough that I only go there, or used to go there, because it was by the pharmacy I used. Many years ago, I would get my prescription and than go get a juice or other product that is hard to find elsewhere. Yet, once I changed my pharmacy, I stopped taking the extra trip only to get one or two local items.

Anyway, it was fun to visit Buschs again and I think I did a better job getting meals while not spending too much this time. Often I am too tempted by fun products (like Michigan Style Chili) too put too much thought into getting a good amount of meals for my money.

I am totally Daydreaming about having a popular enough Blog that simply writing about Ragstock or Buschs would get me a box of products (or gift card) there. You always see the popular Youtubers opening Free Boxes for having talked about a favorite product. However, in my experience, my Blog is a bit more fringe. I am more likely to get a Free box of bundles of Sage if my site ever gains in popularity, or Free Card Readings, than I am to get clothes or food.

My site also lacks an appeal to a certain target audience, such as Lightworkers, Wiccans, Starseeds, etc. As I personally feel that other than belief differences, these are all the same group of what Kryon would call an Old Soul (which is just another label to describe this group of people that go by many labels.) We are a group of people that go by many labels because it is so hard to define what we are, but we tend to be able to recognize each other despite the fact we have different labels. You can throw out approximations of keywords like New Age, or Spiritual, yet there is no real Keyword that defines us.


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