Sweet Potatoes…


Last… Sunday I baked a Sweet Potato Casserole and came across a number of missing ingredients. I wanted to use Real Butter but having only fake butter or Ghee. I used Ghee. (I had bought the Ghee out of curiosity to see if it was actually any better tasting than butter.) My sister/roommate is often the one who remembers to buy the butter and she gets the fake stuff even if it is actually worse for you than real butter. However, healthy fats placed to the side, in this conversion, I will continue.

The main problem was the topping for the Sweet Potato Casserole. I had no Marshmallows, Pecans, or Flour.

Thankfully Pumpkin Seeds had been on Sale the week before. The internet recommended replacing Pecans with Pumpkins Seeds (or other seeds) for those allergic to nuts. Yet, the Pecan (now seeds) topping also called for flour. Our Flour, only last month, was attacked by those little bugs that live in flour, so it was not in the house. However, the internet told me you can use cocoa powder in place of some flour (not all) in baked goods. I had cocoa powder from when I used to make Hot Cocoa last winter with honey instead of sugar. Another thing you could use to replace part of your flour with was Oatmeal.

So soon I was mixing Ghee, Sugar (no brown sugar), Pumpkin Seeds, Oatmeal, and Cocoa Powder in a bowl. I have to admit that it smelled good.

Anyway, turns out the Cocoa Powder might have been a bit too old. Or Sweet Potatoes don’t taste right with Cocoa mixed in. Yet, the next day, eating the Casserole cold and not mixing it up first, it tasted fine.

However, as usual, those around the apartment refuse to try my home cooking. They argued that my Casserole likely had too much sugar, or were unwilling to consider Sweet Potatoes, in general, good food. Even if one of them has complemented me in that my recipes tend to turn out.

So that was my adventure in cooking for this week.

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