Letter to Abraham-Hicks

Months ago I wrote this letter to Esther Hicks when she was offering three months of live-streaming if you bought a ticket to an event that was likely to be postponed. So I have a ticket to the next Abraham-Hicks workshop in Chicago even if I have no idea if I will make it, or when it will be.

She did not maintain the letter on the livestream, but I think it was looked at and declared, “Too long, but very good.” I wrote about K-pop today, because I was out of spiritual topics. I cannot talk spiritually all the time. I thought I’d post this email from May 20, 2020 to Esther that was written in the hopes it would be answered on a live-stream.

The Button Lady

There was a lady known as the Button Lady where I used to live. She would go around to garage sales buying other peoples buttons and antiques. She knew the true value of a button by looking at it. She talked to me once about finding a box of jewelry that was covered with sticky goo. She bought it for cheap and cleaned up the jewelry in the box. She found a diamond ring hidden in that goo that the appraiser said was the clearest they had ever seen. She has a shop where she sold the buttons and antiques found at garage sales.

When I think about her I think about how these things we sell for cheap at garage sales were once castles to us and having acquired them over the years these castles turned to buttons. The Button Lady was able to find the castles in the buttons again.

I wonder than if a button is not really a small thing to manifest, but that we look at it as small. Kind of like how my Mom told me to pull the weeds when I went outside today to relax and I told her that a weed is just an unwanted flower. I did not pull the weeds because they looked so beautiful as I sat there looking at the bugs that flew around me. I realized that flies are kind of cute. You know the way they rub their hands together when resting.

I am rather enjoying this long vacation from work. Before when I was home without work my Mother would tell me daily to get a job, any job. Sooner or later I moved away from home and found employment. Now I am back because of the pandemic. I look back to the last time I was home for so long, and wish I could have enjoyed it this much.

Sometimes I get restless, but overall the feeling is of peace. I watch the bugs aimlessly wondering and somehow they always find what they need. Part of me wants to go back to my employment of the past when it reopens because it was a job where I could read for hours waiting to help people. Sometimes boring, but the quality of the job depended on how much I was enjoying the book I was reading. It was low stress and I enjoyed that. My Mother was always pushing me to find better employment, but I survived liking the low stress.

I am torn between two parts of myself. One wants adventure and to climb to the highest mountain of success because I know I am a deliberate creator. I know I could conquer mountains, but instead I just like being. I know enough about manifestation to know I am well taken care of in this pandemic. Yet the question of the path of adventure or the path of peace is undecided.

I am intelligent, talented, and capable. Yet for so long I have decided on less stress over going out and forging my way. I do have desires for more than the life I  was living before the pandemic, but am so enjoying being able to just be without needing to justify or stress. I wonder how I will be on the leading edge of creation once this is over?

I have written about the Button Lady in relation to the Law of Attraction on this blog before… let me see if I can find the link. Just a moment. The Button Castle written May 27th 2019 which I find interesting because this email was written about a year later on May 20, 2020.

The Button Castle was very much in the back of my mind as I wrote the email above. I would very much like to hear Abraham-Hicks’ answer to this email. I kind of heard an answer right after I wrote the email. I had been listening to a recording of one of the livestreams when the inspiration to write in a question hit me. When I returned to the livestream it felt like the email was being answered.

It seemed Abraham-Hicks was thanking me for being a kind person to those I interact with and that it was unnecessary to feel one was not doing enough in life because you are not chasing dreams because my acts of kindness were doing more good than I realized and very much appreciated.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this. I too feel that I’m happy at the moment in this pandemic and even though I want to achieve many can wait because I know I’m a deliberate creator.

    • Yes, who knows what grand adventure waits, but now is the time to be in the resting mode. In a way the entire World needed time to step back.

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