Sub-Cultural Fields of Study You Never Find at Universities


Currently I am taking a break from reading the latest post from David Wilcock on Divine Cosmos. It is interesting, yet as sometimes my focus tells me that it is time to post.

I am continually growing Spiritually. Matt Kahn speaks of a kind of Spirituality where all it does is make you hungry for more teachings. It is hardly the Water which quenches thirst forever. I seem to have an unquenchable thirst for… (stoping here to find the word…) I am not sure there is a word for what I follow. No one word covers the range of topics I am drawn to. Even ‘New Age’ or ‘Metaphysical’ fails to describe it fully.

There is just an unending feeling of Healing my Brain. I Heal my Brain by the content which I feed it. You might be thinking… wait just a minute, how can the conspiracy content of theorists like David Wilcock be Healing. Simply because it is mind expanding.

I have one of those habits of an Intelligent Brain whereas it is easily bored if not applied. I will be bold enough to state I have an Intelligent Brain. Even medication was unable to dull it. Medication did at first, in effect, limit my Intelligence, but my Brain learned to adapt to the dulling effects. As a result, any decreases in medication must be taken slowly, because my Brain needs to discover that it doesn’t need to overwork quite as much to counteract the dulling.

If after a lifetime of people remarking 0n my Intelligence, I am still unable to state that I have an Intelligent Brain (and all the effects that go with it)… that would be taking being humble to the point of lack of self esteem. One of the aspects of Intelligence is an unquenchable thirst for some sort of knowledge. There are bound to be a number of topics that are studied with a passion.

David Wilcock is a great conspiracy theorist, and do you know what makes a person great in this field? How much the person is able to use Logic and Evidence to Argue their point. I am fairly convinced that David Wilcock is onto something. To me watching his show is like watching the Behind the Scenes of history unfolding. You learn of things that are never taught in schools, and of things the Mainstream Media never covers.

Not only is History unfolding in this Instant, but it is unfolding like a Beautiful Rose. Things are happening that are not talked about on the News. Hope is alive and well in a great deal of the Alternative Media in this moment.

I have been contemplating how out Culture views Conspiracy Theories as being Paranoia, and a Mental Illness. In the Past, I have managed some Conspiracy Theories of my own, which I never talked about. Namely, I wondered if a program had drugged me into Mania, and then used me as a Lab Rat for medications. I have written about this briefly before (and took it down.)

You see it would be in my best interest to not talk about these things that others would consider insanity. If I had not been so transparently honest, I could have been off medication a long time ago. Yet, here I go again admitting to having had a Conspiracy Theory or two pass though my mind. Why? Because I think Conspiracy Theories are not necessarily Mental Illness, but a natural process of thought. It helps us Frame our personal reality with a pinch of Salt.

I have, therefore, studied not only Psychics and noted that a great deal of them report experiences Mental Health Professionals would medicate them for, but they live perfectly happy productive lives unmedicated. Yet, I have also studied people who would be labeled Conspiracy Theories. They also report thoughts a Mental Health Professional would medicate them for, and also live perfectly happy productive lives unmedicated.

I greatly believe others should study these Alternative Sub-Cultures (The Psychic and Conspiracy Theorists.) Because our society raises children to wonder if they are insane for perfectly natural thought patterns.

Here is a Conspiracy Theory for you: If there were a Controlling Secret Society, wouldn’t it be in their best interest for the population they control to believe that any theory they exist was paranoia (a mental illness.) Therefore the population would dismiss their own Intuition something is wrong, and secretly think themselves ill. They would never share this Intuition with others because they were afraid of being considered Insane. So they would never discover their Neighbor had the same feeling.

So come down the Rabbit Hole into the Alternate World that has been existing right under your fingertips. As a result, you might stop wondering if you are insane, and start thinking freely.


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