The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement by Brett Bevell


Perhaps it was Three years ago that I walked into a presentation by Brett Bevell at the local Spiritual Bookstore. He spoke of the wonder of Reiki, and that in his studies he had discovered that his book effectually transfers the Healing Hands to everyone he tested after they read the book. The book only costs $14.12 on Amazon, and less for Kindle.

Now this book requires a certain amount of respect. You respectively need to make the Attunement day extra special with things like meditation and Salt Baths. To ensure each Attunement respects the laws of Fair-exchange, Brett Bevell asks you to spend a certain number of hours sending healing energy to the Earth first.

I was largely satisfied after even just the first level of Attunement, I completed the second level to be able to send Reiki over a long distance. Yet, to this day, I have not felt called to take on the task of Level Three.

Still these last three years with Level Two Reiki has been helpful. Often has been the headache that disappeared under healing hands. When Children have been sick, and it feels like there is nothing I can do, I have sometimes used Reiki Healing on them. Not only that, but they, not knowing about me using Reiki, reported that my hand made them feel better.

Perhaps the Level Two Reiki Attunement has made my sending of blessings more effective. For often, I do not think of using my hands, but send out Healing to situations and people who I perceive as needing it. I make a point to state, that I respect whatever Path this person choose to take in their Life Planning, but I am offering Love and Healing if they would be welling to take it.

I often never talk to the person face to face, but project this statement mentally to their Soul before sending the Healing.

It is empowering to know that not only are you able to send healing, but you are Attuned to do so. I do not know how much the Attunement impacts the Healing, but have personal experience using the Healing Hands on myself. I can feel the energy myself then.

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