Lightworker Song (in words of 2020 Spiritual Vision)

In the post Soul Song by 2020 Spiritual Vision, I commented the title of this song. I have a long history with this song. When I was a Child my family invested in a CD collection of the Best of Disney. This song was one of those on the many CD’s. I will be honest that when I was very young, and watching the movie it is from, “Pete’s Dragon,” I thought the scene boring. Yet, listening to it on the CD at a slightly older age, it stood out to me.

I started getting religious around Middle School/High School. I was super jealous of Saints who got to hear God, and started imagining myself having the same experiences. One of the Saints was said to have a ring given to her by Jesus that only she could wear. So I envisioned Jesus giving me an invisible ring too.

I would talk to Angel, Jesus, and God. Each in a different setting. When I talked to God, I tended to picture him at the center of a big room. Pews of Angels stood in front of him, as he sat in a Kings Chair in the Church. I would have small conversations with God, in my mind kneeling before him.

All this said, I felt a challenge was coming to my faith. So I envisioned putting my faith in a little boat on the water. My faith was a candle. I was thinking of this song as I went through this process.

This way, no matter what test came to me, when I was ready, I could pick up my candle from the little boat, and it would be unharmed.

At various times in my life, I have envisioned myself retrieving that little candle. Thinking to myself it is safe now. Yet, no matter how many times I pull this candle from the water, it is still there to be pulled back into me once again, if I should need it.

I sound super religious in this post, and I admit, I am a very spiritual person. I always have been. I am spiritual without labeling it as a faith. I see the beauty of so many religions. In a way, I could see myself as a follower of a great many of them.

Yet, I know that as soon as I take such a label, I alienate those who are not able to see past the label. Even the word Lightworker is such a label, but most people are not aware what this label means.

In a way, I will always be Catholic no matter which faith I end up following. To me Catholic is Family along with Beautiful. Yet, I can imagine myself going into many other faiths. When I look at Faith, I see Light. I figure as long as a person is happy, and harming no one, I am in no place to criticize any faith. If it leads a person towards Love and the feeling of Awe, they are on the right path for them.

I see Faiths even in things others do not see as a Faith. I can see people who follow the Religion of Science, the Religion of Unconventionality, and so many others.

My Religion is a Religion of One. A Religion where I tend to think, casting a spell is similar to a prayer. As it is similar to meditation. The process might be a little different, and one person might reject another. Yet, to me the difference between the words, ‘casting a spell,’ ‘manifesting,’ and ‘prayer,’ are really just ways to divide people who believe in the same force. When the Christian, Muslim, Jew, Wiccan, etc, can see the beauty of each others faith, the Lion will indeed lay down with the Lamb.

So when I see someone on the Internet, telling me how channeling is evil, I complement them on their Faith. I thank them for worrying about me enough to share this with me. I ask them to respect me as I choose to respect them.

For respecting a religion, strangely enough means respecting the fact that some stand up with Signs telling others they are going to Hell. I don’t believe this is right. Yet, if the act of holding up a sign comes from Love, perhaps it is doing that person good. Perhaps one day they will also be able to see past the labels.

Furthermore, there are people who need to experience the path of being saved by a person holding a Sign. Some people need to go from one Religion to another. Some people need to go from reading Tarot Cards to reading the Bible passage on why such things are sinful. Similarly there are Christians who need to go from reading the Bible passages on Sin to reading Tarot Cards. This is a path that in both directions offers rewards. Because the path every person follows, needs to be their own.

So if you are a Tarot Reader who was saved by Jesus, Congratulations.

If you are a Christian who was saved from judgements about Sin by Tarot Cards, Congratulations.

In a sense the Tarot Cards are just Cards, but the magic created by some Religions viewing them as sinful creates a catalyst out of a simple tool.

I am using Tarot Cards as an example. To show you that there really might be a higher order in play. Tarot Readers might bemoan the fact that others view them as Sinful for Reading Cards. Yet, this fraction created by labeling one person as sinful is actually part of the divine plan.

Ultimately the divine plan is to go from a feeling of division to unity while remaining Individual. The Religions don’t need to disappear for unity, they just need to respect the divine in each other.

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  1. I was happy and excited to see this. ❤ ❤ ❤ My like/icon still doesn't show up. 😦 At least I can still comment 🙂 Keep it up amazing you.

    • I waited to see if you wanted to post about the song. You love music so much. I love cool music videos… hence the k-pop. Visual and audio.

      • Awe… your so nice. Thank you!! I’ve been on but mostly offline this weekend. You’ve inspired me to make a lightworkers playlist and will get to that… soon, lol. ❤ Hugs!

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