Request for Sending Healing with Meditation


I think that there are now many with a large stabilizing shield preventing attacks in the area around them. They also have the ability to project this shield or healing to anywhere with a simple meditation where you repeat, “May You Be Blessed,” or “I Love You.” Keep the target in mind, but allow it to flow to all involved. The first time I tried this simple meditation it was to help the Idol Tzuyu. Her group has surged in popularity since. Here is an article on the topic.

Wondering if sending so much Love over to Asia had helped the issue, I made a point to send “I Love You’s” to JB of Got7 when his back needed help. I did not get as intense with the meditation, but am waiting to see if JB’s back heals after a good amount of rest. Then if GOT7’s popularity rises.

Being an Idol is so much work, that I think it is a good thing JB is getting a rest period. It will be such a contrast to his normal schedule that it will allow him time to think. I had to send the “I Love You’s” because I was afraid that he might have to leave the group due to back problems (and no longer being able to dance.)

I am just giving the example that this meditation worked the first time I used it. Not enough time has passed to show if it will be repeatable. My meditation was not as comprehensive as the first time. The first time I sent Love to not just Tzuyu, but China too.

Finally I get to the point of the title. The Healing Medication I am requesting is for a Healing of the economy. This can be done by sending “I Love You’s” to China and Greece.

Bashar did state there was a possibility of economic collapse in both countries, and to take action to do something about it if you wanted to prevent it. I was wondering what I could possibility do to prevent such a thing.

I just dawned on me that we can use our new 4-D or 5-D powers (4-D and 5-D are different words for the same thing) to prevent it. A great number of my readers are now able to send Healing not only to people, but to entire countries. If three days being focused on sending “I Love You’s” to Tzuyu could impact her so greatly (and I am just one), then together we can move mountains.

Whose with me!

We are no longer powerless to world events. We can send protection and healing. It is time we start practicing with our new powers!

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