More Trips Down Memory (Art) Lane


First off the art above was made long ago, it was called ‘Too much sleep.’ Strangely enough I did not have a sleep issue when I made it, but had decided to research the effects of having Too much, to little and not enough sleep. It was the psychic in me that did those three pieces of textual digital art.

I would have to do further searching into old files to find the images for ‘Too little’ and ‘Just right.’ This one was what I thought was the best, so I had used it for a review. Meaning this small image of the bigger file was just hanging out in the review folder.

Everyone thought that this image representing too much sleep was in fact too little.

Now that I have introduced the art, I can focus on deciding what it is I want to write about.


May has been one of those months where I feel little call to write about things. I feel somewhat withdrawn, and even decreased making new artwork. I have plenty of artwork saved up, now that I have finally figured out how to transfer files from my old computer, so you can see I have not always had my current style.

Also I tried other medium then just the digital in the past. Digital is just convenient for apartments, and those lacking a work area to paint. I was never the best at painting, but not bad. Example: Below.


Did I tell you about the drama where all my paints and paintbrushes were stolen? I was suffering from poor judgement due to mental illness at the time, and did not protect my supplies properly. Result, I have no nice brushes now like I did for these paintings. I looked at the price of replacing them, and even all these years later, have not.

So taking up painting would include investments in supplies, and finding a space to work. I could not as easily work from home. I have also forgotten a great deal of the technique. Yet, since I am doing a trip down memory lane… might as well include two paintings.

Next is Scanner Art. What? Explanation. Put items into a basic scanner with a good scanning resolution. Close the top.

Items for image below: include Fabric (moved randomly to create interesting patterns. A CD. A necklace. My hand. And Pencils. Images are then compiled digitally to create art. Not sure why I choose Black and White.



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