Imagining winning the Lottery


You have heard me talk about the Lottery before. The Lottery is a powerful tool for facing ones viewpoints of being rich. It gives the individual, who might have been poor all their life, the chance to imagine living differently. They might be unable to imagine how they could ever have enough money to be that rich, without the lottery.

So in the Spirit of always Winning the Lottery, whether or not you win the money, I entered the Lottery this week. I am coming face to face with my concepts of luxury, and letting my imagination flow. I intend to get the most benefit out of this Powerball ticket, I can.

Now there is an Online site to play the lottery, in some states. Liking the convince of not having to go to the store to play, I decided to try it out. I had to spend at least $5, so I bought tickets to two kinds of lottery. Then I decided to add $5 to play games on the site. They gave me a $10 bonus for spending $10.

So I had $15 to play, I won a little right away ($20) so the playing lasted a little longer. I got to entertain the idea of winning money quickly for a little bit. I definitely saw how this Online site could become a problem for people. As soon as I ran out of money to play, a screen popped up asking me to insert more money to play more. Even with the ‘Responsible Gambling’ link on the site, Online Gambling is a danger area for Gamblers.

Thankfully, I have plenty of free Sweepstakes to enter, and can gamble my TIME away (instead of money) on whenever I feel drawn to try my luck.

Overall the $5 extra I spent had short lived benefits. I didn’t have much time to imagine anything. Yet, with the tickets I bought, the benefits are much more lasting. I can spend all of today, and tomorrow, figuring out how to get the most bang for my buck.

How do I do this? Imagination. The lottery, preferability responsibly played, has many benefits beyond money. It connects you with all those other people hoping to win. It provides a possibility, that is easy to envision, of having more then enough. To have abundance in the area people normally used to define abundance.

Even without winning, one can surf the Internet thinking of what you would buy if you won. Where would you move to?

So you can visit, think of the city you would like, and do a search which you sort by Highest Price first. Here you can look at the million dollar houses. Personally I am a little torn, if I won the lottery would I stay in my city, or move? Would I move to Mackinaw Island, where I would never need to drive? Or would I move to Maui, HI, where I would never have to face another winter.

Granted if I won, I might go on some long cruises. When I was young, I went on my first cruise in either High School or Middle School. The food was so tasty compared to what I ate at home. I sat in the library of the cruise looking at brochures of different cruises. I saw year long cruises. Since then I have entertained the idea of having enough money to go on such a cruise in my life. I would start out with 20 day cruises, and work up till I knew I would enjoy such a cruise.

With winning the lottery, I could very easily travel the world for a year (no cruise needed). Considering after about a week away from my home, I start getting homesick, I do not really know if I would do such.

While looking at Crystal Cruises, imagining which cruise I would take if I had the money, I discovered that they have residences on Cruise Ships. There was little detail on the price, or where these ships travel to, but imagine traveling the world while always being at home.

I used to look through Catalogs, of things I couldn’t afford, picturing myself able to buy whatever interested me. The app I used to do this, no longer has as expensive of Catalogs, but there are plenty of sites you can visit online.

Whatever interests you, you base your search on. Etsy is a good place to get you imagination going. For it has antique and homemade all in one. It has furniture, art, crystals, jewelry, crafts, etc…

Anyway, I think I have done enough writing of ways to imagine monetary abundance. Now I kind of want to start imagining some new representation of abundance.

I used also, go to computer sites, and pretend to buy the most costly computer. You do not have to buy a product to go through the steps of adding costly upgrades to the already most costly computer, till you get the final price. Visiting the Apple Store is usual for this.

Anyway, I am off, to play with concepts of abundance. I spent $5 on tickets, instead of just $2, so I need to get more benefit then normal from this investment.

I am off to find fun imaginings. What new city should I put into Which kind of technology would most benefit me on my trips around the world. Where should I visit? I need furniture to fill that house. Is there an Interior Designer who would help me? I think I will need a Tesla, so I never have to worry about driving. I wonder what the best Tesla is? Which artist would I support? Which charity would I donate to first?

Am I a little weird?

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  1. Imagine obtaining a good luck amulet or magical crystal, and having that help you win the lottery?

    • Thank you, I have lots of crystals. I did win, as one always wins the chance to look at ones relationship with wealth when on enters. If I were destined to win, nothing would stop it.

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