Choices made in spirit of Following Enjoyment


Watermarking has begun. I had some choices that needed to be made. In the spirit of going down the path of following passion, and not needing to understand how investing in my Blog will lead to an iPad Pro, I did it. That tax money I had been saving for an iPad Pro has decreased once again in size. I invested in the Premium Plan and New Theme I had been wanting. The new Theme will need some redesigning, but I have started watermarking images so that the new theme could be better shown.

I do not really understand how following my bliss to the best of my ability will lead to the iPad Pro before saving up money for one would have. Things, if they are in your best interest, are supposed to manifest faster if you follow your bliss.

As things were set up, in my saving money scenario, I would have had many months of not following my bliss in order to get to the outcome of one form of following my bliss. If I wanted the outcome sooner, I would have had to make my budget tighter.

Let me state that the Disability budget is designed to be tight without saving up money for anything. So I was tightening a tight budget, and not feeling happy.

So today I made steps toward being a successful blogger. Yes, switching to would have been such a step as well. Yet, I already had my work cut out for me in getting images watermarked and back on the site. I figure that as long as I keep the domain name,, it doesn’t matter where I am being hosted. I can always move when it becomes necessary.

I decided that before I move, I need a successful enough site to use something like DreamPress to make sure the WordPress updates are always updated on time, etc. DreamPress is not cheap.

Until the time I need to change, I am used to this interface.

You can look at where my re-designing with the New Theme is at if you want. I will be out of town for the week, at my parents home. I do not know how much time I will have for anything other then uploading images onto I wish that wasn’t autocorrected to Dazzle every time I wrote it.

Now that doing artwork is back in my life. My dream of making it as a Blogger, as expanded to making it as an Artist Blogger. I have been so occupied with technical issues, and getting an iPad Pro, that I haven’t been doing many New Age/Spirituality Posts.

Yet, it is in the choices I am making that I am following that path. Before I was a lot of talk, and little action. Now is the time to write about the action, and I can get back to talking the talk when I am not in action.

I visited the Apple Store twice this week. First was to use the Apple Pencil. I could tell it would be useful, but I might need some time practicing with it before I can really start creating quality artwork with it. I am used to using the trackpad to draw on a computer now, as I have no Wacom tablet anymore.

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