Saving money for iPad Pro…debates

white_flowerI was a quiet day, getting closer to Easter everyday. I almost have one month worth of saving money completed. It would be awesome if I won that sweepstakes for the iPad Pro that ends at the end of this month. Then the wait would be over.

I checked out Apple’s new products. Now they have an iPad Pro in the size of an older iPad. This one can come with quite a bit of GB. The larger iPad Pro now can come with more GB too.

So I have a debate on my hands. Do I save longer for the larger iPad Pro, so that I have a larger screen to work with, or do I get the smaller one? I could also save to get the one with the most GB.

If I get the smaller, I could have the iPad Pro with Pencil next month. I wasn’t taking into consideration before that instead of getting paid only 2 times in April. I will get 3 paychecks in April. Plus, I was asked to take part in a study on April 1, (no they are not fooling me) that will pay $150.

The Universe has been helping me save up money. From an unexpected check last month to an extra paycheck (due to the times the pay date lines up) this month, and an unexpected study.

If I wait an extra month, I can get the largest GB of the larger iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Or if I plan on budgeting a lot in April, I might be able to get this as soon as the check for the study comes in.

Now the question is, how long do I want to be in extreme budgeting mode? How long do I want to wait for the iPad Pro? When I first came up with the idea of getting the iPhone 7, I had to wait for the product to come out. This gave me months to save. When I switched to the iPad Pro, because I am an artist, the product is already out.

If I go with the largest size, then I should wait until May, to give myself an easier time. Yet, I don’t know if I would like the smaller size better for carrying around town. I would need to get a case too. I have no idea how many GB I’m going to need.

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