JYP Entertainment: I Love Them All

This is a call to support all of JYP Entertainment. The company is already hurting from many artists losing advertisements in China, and now a group of hackers called Anonymous (the Taiwan division) has targeted the company.

My current favorite entertainment company is JYP Entertainment. Not only Tzuyu, but her entire company filled with artists who have dedicated long work hours training and promoting, is suffering.

Anonymous is saying that JYP needs to apologize to Tzuyu publicly for advising her to apologize to the Chinese.

From the very beginning everyone at JYP Entertainment has been a victim in this controversy. They might not have made the right moves, but if JYP does apologize to Tzuyu, her apology would have been for nothing. The Chinese would be offended that he apologized, and we’d be back to ground one. Ground One with no apology would have meant, the end of her Entertainment Company, and the dreams of countless innocent artists.

JYP has always been one of the better companies in treatment of Artists. Without the company the Artists would lose a lot of say in their career choices, or be unable to sign another contract.

JYP Entertainment has always been the worst at handling a scandal, but no matter how well they handled this controversy, I think they would have been in a tight fix.

I am writing this for Anonymous to maybe stop and think before destroying the hard work of the Idols/Artists at JYP.

We have the New Groups like:




These are just the new groups. There is also 2pm, Miss A, and Wonder Girls. Take a good long look at the people whose hope and dreams you are in the middle of trying to destroy. If you want to attack an JYP the least you can do is watch a music video from each artist, lets not forget the effort they put into appearing on TV. So be sure to watch them on variety shows too.

You will see you are attacking the wrong people. JYP Entertainment is one of the only Korean Entertainment Companies that treats foreign members well. Other companies simply do not have them, or they end up losing them because of mistreatment.

If JYP Entertainment goes down, I will forever be holding Anonymous accountable. In the meanwhile I will be sending more “I Love You’s” to the situation. It seemed to help in stopping one side of the attack very quickly.

JYP Entertainment is an important enough company to me that I am willing to risk upsetting a huge group of hackers by calling them out. I just don’t think they should be attacking the victims instead of those who caused this whole controversy.

I think there is someone who needs to apologize to Tzuyu, but I don’t think it is JYP. I have a feeling JYP will apologize privately anyway, and might have already. He might have said, he was sorry that he felt so trapped he had no other choice then to try to save everyone. It was all he could think of to do. Yet, if he publicly says this, it is a huge blow to the company.

Wonder Girls


Miss A


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