Good day: Talk on K-pop

apple_leavesOne of those moments where you start to write before you find the topic. This happens more to me then you think, but I delete the intro of small talk before I discover what it is I want to talk about.

Outside in the air there is a mistiness in the distance. Almost look like there is snow in the distance and a clear sky before the snow. I woke up to Got7 Just Right. I think the song makes a perfect alarm clock because it starts out so high in Tempo.

The group Got7 seems to be doing okay, I am now more worried about 2pm as there last song, which was a great song, was a flip. I strongly suspect there was some sort of fowl play (k-pop is notorious for chart manipulation), as it was a song that could have easily been a hit.

None the less, this gives the group a challenge. They need to write a better song. Sometimes misfortune can be turned into opportunity, and the group has the talent to rise to the challenge.

I have posted these two songs before, but in case you haven’t listened to them, I am on repeat.

I didn’t used to be a JYP stan. In fact I choose an f(x) song for my song of the year.

I thought it would be easy to listen to, even to those who do not like K-pop. It was this or another JYP entertainment group Day6’s Congratulations.

Let me explain. My family has a CD of favorite songs during the year. This is my chance to force my family to listen to K-pop. It is likely the one K-pop song they will hear all year.

Musical talent runs in the family. Not all of us play instruments, but those who do have enough talent to prove that the genes for music (along with art and math) are in all our blood. They say these things run in families. This makes picking a song for the year difficult.

With me, a good song is when I like it the first time I hear it. Once I’ve heard a song enough, I tend to start liking it. This is why I am so disappointed that 2pm didn’t do better with My House. I liked it right away. This is so rare that no other song on this list met that test. If you listened you will see that they are all good songs, but My House is the only one.

You might be wondering why I didn’t pick it for song of the year? I wasn’t sure if the parents of younger family members would appreciate it.

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