World Peace ~ Would You Give Your Free Will for It?

I ran across this Foundation recently. I’d be totally hyped about the possibility of Free Energy. Yet, it seems to be coming at a cost. Basic web searching has proved that this is in fact on the website of the same Foundation offering Free Energy. Yet, when I read this article I intuitively felt that this was not from someone who had the power to do the things listed. This is a test of Humanity. Testing our wisdom factor.

Due to this article, I more highly think that this is a semi-hoax. The technology for free energy is out there, but it might not be connected to the Keshe Foundation.

I want World Peace, but Rosalie is right about it needing to occur naturally and not be forced.

If the Foundation has the ability to use the technology listed. I would only temporary use it to Safely get the Cabal into Prison (on an a friendly Space Ship), so that the French Revolution repeat doesn’t occur with Disclosure.

After Humanity has settled down, and agreed to talking over what to do with the Cabal rationally. Such technology should be turned off. It should only be used to prevent World War.

If this technology were to be used for anything other then emergency, it would be a violation of Free Will. I am thinking of extreme cases where society sees no problem putting someone suffering from a dangerous psychosis in a straight jacket. Is a straight jacket evil, if misused it certainly is. Yet, the point is to remove the straight jacket and allow a person freedom once the psychosis is over.

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Keshe Is Potentially Far Worse Than Hitler

Heil Keshe Heil Keshe?

By now you’ve probably heard about Mehran Keshe’s free energy technology and devices.  Let’s assume that Keshe’s free energy works and say that this is a good thing.  And now let’s place that aside and focus on the

megalomaniacal aspects of the Keshe Foundation “Peace Roadmap”,

which I’ve included at the end of my commentary [Cliff notes in orange].  Here’s a snippet that I hope will inspire you to read the rest, as it could be as important to the world as Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

I accept no deviation and no negotiation, but only the path which has been set above. 

The change has to come from within, because if I force it, then it will be harsh and unbearable for every man.

No, I don’t fear him and neither should you, since we are well stabilized in our…

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