Interesting tweet from David Wilcock on Nov 3

Knowing David Wilcock this will be backed up with evidence. I am impatient however, and have been trying to collect an idea of what it David is about to reveal. I find the Mainstream News a depressing place, and could hardly bare to search through the articles. I did find evidence that something is up, however.

I am one to read a few comments to see what the public thinks of a video. Here is one that stands out.


A number of people in the comments are not buying the media’s excuse. We are too tired of hearing the same things at least they didn’t say it was a weather ballon, or swamp gas.

Another things that happened just recently is the Keshe Foundation claiming to be offering a source of free energy. The Mainstream news seemed to be completely hushed about the topic. Yet, some people are getting extremely excited. I wouldn’t recommend buying the free energy product, as it costs $400. (Hardly seems free to me.) I am waiting for the underground news to spread the message, and, if the product works, there will be no hiding it forever. There are also Blueprints offered on how to build your own according to the Blog Upgrade the Lighting. The Youtube search recommended on the Blog seems to have provided a number of Blueprint Teaching week videos, each over 2 hours long. If they are real, they need to figure out out to better teach information.

Yes, this is the same Keshe Foundation I just re-blogged about. In case that one gets overlooked because I quickly re-blogged a post from AngelicView afterwards, I am pointing out Rosalie Parker ~ Wayshower for the New Earth, as a good source of information. I haven’t read her most recent post, as I felt like creating a post of my own first.

I want to spread news about the Keshe Foundation, so that I can discover is the product is genuine faster. You see the trick is that the Cabal have been releasing fake Free Energy products, so that a genuine one will be overlooked. Really, I see an advertisement for a Free Energy product on the side of Publishers Clearing House all the time. It is not the same one, and I think it is fake. So until others discover if this is another Cabal front to keep us from taking the Alternative News seriously, I will not be making any investments of Time or Money.

So as the World continues to turn, note that something is up. David Wilcock will likely be spotting more of these occurrences then me. Looking forward to his next Blog posting on David’s Blog.

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