Sage Goddess (Etsy)

I do not know why I am drawn to post this. A long time ago, it seems long now, I bought items from Sage Goddess on Etsy. I had actually been shopping for crystals when I found her account. Sage Goddess recently started a New Website in which she is offering a person makes a wishlist up to $500 off that list. There will be one winner. I am not sure why I am drawn to post about this. Here is the wishlist I put together. I do not know if it is for people on the mailing list only.

In the wishlist, you might notice I added the expensive wishing perfume. This is because I had wanted it all that time ago, to wish myself well. I was suffering sleep issues, and opted for the cheaper Reve sleep potion (which you smell and don’t drink). I am unsure of the results, as my sleep issues were a side effect of a medication. The magic might have redirected its power into giving me the courage to try a new medication.

This wasn’t the only magic involved. I had won free long distance reiki from Blogger Tania Marie, and instead of requesting that the focus of the energy be on getting a good nights sleep (which would last one day), I requested that the energy be put out into discovering the root cause.

I got another item from Sage Goddess as well, a Manifestation perfume. The funny thing is that all this time I haven’t used it. I used up the free samples of Bath Salts, and other sample perfumes. Yet, this one just sits waiting. Perhaps it is time soon.

The Sage Goddess isn’t just putting together scents based on smell alone. She is in Witchcraft, and I believe she using her inter guidance/knowledge to find scents that are magical. Some of the items she offers are infused with Magic.

There other others on Easy who offer similar offerings, but Sage Goddess is who by fate I chanced upon.


I have disconnected from my (Lisa ****) Facebook account, and created one “Elisabeth *****” (that is eli’S’abeth) for posting my blog to. I invited people to friend me on my old Facebook account, if they want to continue reading my posts on Facebook. I think people overlooked that post. Currently the new account for Elisabeth ***** has no friends. 😦

Still I have a fresh start on Facebook. An account with no personal information (other then name) in which I can accept almost anyone who wants to friend me. It will take time to get Friends, but I will not have to worry about offending anyone.

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