The Path Forward: Changing the World versus Changing Yourself

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Greetings again to a generous audience, and thanks again to Rosalie for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

Did you take due notice of the quotation with which Rosalie began a recent post, “What is Ascension and 5D Consciousness” ?  It is a quotation worth repeating:

We’re not really going anywhere; we’re just allowing fifth dimensional reality to come alive in our experience.-Matt Kahn

Reading Matt’s words reminded me of my early skepticism when I began reading predictions of mass evacuations of this planet and debates regarding who might be “left behind” and who might be transported away as we eagerly awaited the coming transformation and ascension. It is understandable that many assumed the major change to a “new earth” would necessitate some kind of physical transportation from here to there. If we were to accept that we will soon be living in a new house, most of…

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