4th of July

What should I write. It is a simple day, through I have heard of possible danger tomorrow. I have done everything in my power to offset this, so that it shall not come to pass. I called upon the help of every ascended master in my oracle deck, though I could not pronounce their names. I called upon the power of my Highest Self. I envisioned with world in a protective bubble. Not just this nation, but the whole world.

I was told as follows. Some Universes in the many parallels that tomorrow branches out to, will have disaster tomorrow. Yet, the Universe I am going to live in will not. So even if tomorrow passes, and you wonder what the big deal was about, it was a historical day in some timelines.

I, however, took myself, and whoever would go with me onto the path of happiness. I am no longer aligned with what was to unfold.

I pulled out my simplest oracle card desk, the one with Yes, and No, YES! And NO! Before I did any visualization I asked, “Is tomorrow going to be an attack?” “NO!” The answer was simple.


Categories: Beginnings

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