Why are we here & Where did we come from?

This has some interesting ideas in it. If you can put aside disbelief and try the ideas go ahead. If it offends any personal belief feel free to stop. This is esoteric, and only a small percentage of the world would be able to look at some of these ideas without fear. I am one of those people, but it took me a long time to get here. I am just posting if you too find this fascinating. (Sorry didn’t read the whole thing before I re-blogged.) Take it as a case study. Many people get to the point where they don’t understand Organized Religion. As I said, if you are happy and good because of any religion. You don’t need to worry about most of this re-blog.



Esoteric Matters

(Time to Challenge your Thinking. Please read with an Open Mind and it is up to you to decide or not decide on your own thoughts.)

So how about starting the ball rolling with a nice, easy question to get your head around. A subject like…

• Where do we come from and why have we come??? Could be good for a few sentences don’t you think?

Long, long ago in a time before time, there existed an extraordinarily powerful energy source which began speculating about who and what it was.

It began to wonder about… (Sounds like the beginning of a science fiction novel doesn’t it?) But is it too far from the truth?

In the beginning…If you were to try imagining back to what it must have been like in the beginning. Right back to the very, very beginning of time, what would you come up…

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