Spring Snow

I saw this Reblogged, and reading it knew to Reblog it myself.

What a beautiful poem to appreciate the last of winter (when so many of us want Winter to have already melted into Spring), and to welcome the coming season.

Walking my path: Mindful wanderings in nature


Happiness is a romp in a fresh spring snow.

_DSC0173Suspended energy, frozen in its path.

Not stuck – merely stopped a while in place before going on.

A contemplative moment in time.

Emotional burdens break free; sometimes released one drip at a time, or a cathartic dropping of layers into the oneness, washed clean.

In stillness; creative opportunities existing in the waters of our own being come alive.  Dreams awaken and are found to be valid and sound.

Ideas taking form; waiting to reconnect to fluidness and the feminine aspects of life.  Creative, intuitive imaginative powers poised for action.

Water adjusts to its environment; shaping, shifting. We learn to adjust to change, to become adaptive to the flow of life, while at the same time knowing where and when to make ripples.


A junco, warm in his feathery down, serenely confident in his ability to find food beneath the…

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  1. Thank you for coming by my site, and thanks so much for reblogging Spring Snow! Your blog looks very interesting.

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