The Choice is Made

I have been debating Grad School vs Writing career. I want to move forward with my life, and there is not better way I can feel this way then going back to school. If I look at my Dreams, I often find myself in school. Dreams are signs, right?

I do not want to fall into too much debt after college, so I am going to take my time. I will apply to Scholarships, which will give me plenty of chances to write. Yet, to apply for many Scholarships, I have to take the GRE. So I am going to sign up for a date in September to take the test. Around the time I get my scores back, will be around the time I need to apply for must Scholarships.

My primary focus will be on the GRE until September. Bipolar disorder can damage the Math part of the brain, so I will need to focus on rebuilding my Math ability. I was once good at Math, but disuse has eroded my ability. I hope I can get it back.

After the GRE, I will have to decide on Library Sciences or another field. My focus now should be on getting as good of a score as I can. I am sorry that I will not be posting as much, or building a quality webpage. I might end up with time to post at work, and I might get caught up with procrastinating. Yet, right now I do not have that problem, and hope to stay away from it.

The change in medication has increased my energy and motivation. I have no excuse to not pursue a future. I could attempt Manifesting a successful site, but am not sure that this is what I want. The stress of making a living of something could take away the fun aspect. I would be forced to continuously post, and adapt my writing to what readers like.

Of course, my life cannot be all study, I would burn out, so who knows how much I will be still researching New Age concepts. Yet, I will not have to do it to the extreme that I would need to do for a Blog. 

I am sorry that I will not be forging my own path, but am someone who needs the guidance of college. I do not feel myself going anywhere without a path (for a while). The New Age topics I research are all about forging your own path, and I will try to keep this in mind. Perhaps the world needs a Librarian with knowledge of metaphysical topics, so maybe I can find my own way on the path of education.

I am off to pursue happiness in the best way I know how. It is an expensive way, but maybe I can use Manifesting techniques to keep costs low. Manifesting requires action for most effectiveness. Got to go.

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  1. I wanted to let you know that total acceptance of exactly where you are is your key to success..I am glad I found your blog…as I had your challenges as a young person…for me dental hygiene worked perfect for my focus was my work..and the love of people was are just simply believe in yourself in whatever you do..I have read your other posts as well..feeling grateful you have a chance to choose… heart to heart Robyn

    • Thank you. The choice wouldn’t have been possible in the past. I am still unsure about the correct path, but am grateful that I now have enough energy to find a path.

      • Yes to having the energy! as a sensitive…being aware of the collective vibration..this can bring understanding that what we pick up on is usually not ours.Clearing my mind with stillness and meditation has been a God I come to the party of life with a clear mind..choosing peace with whatever comes into my path ..I send you high vibration love peace and light….Keep me posted on your process…Heart to Heart Robyn

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