Why I write about my Doubts

I entitled this blog Intuitive Voyage because I was on a journey. I thought it would be fascinating reading about someone evolving spiritually. Yet, spiritual progress does not proceed without doubts… well at least it doesn’t for me.

I realize that many people want champions of the cause, and are tired of hearing other people put the metaphysical down. I really don’t like it either, and have been inspired most by people who are sure in their beliefs. (As someone who doubts, sure beliefs are amazing to me.) I am sorry, if my doubts echo the words people use to belittle the teachers you admire.

I would be lying, if I painted the picture of someone sure in their beliefs. I am not. Sure, I come up with ideas, and sound pretty sure of them. Yet, I just get carried away with the idea. I also make very slow progress on my spiritual path. Lately issues that I thought I had dealt with previously seem to be popping back up.

I feel that in the end writing about my doubts will make my blog more interesting and relatable. There are already champions, I can only be me.

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