Death: Its really a good thing

Gennandy Stolyarov has recently released the book Death is Wrong. In it he argues that we can stop teaching our children about death because science is advancing at a rate that death could be obsolete by 2045. I have heard of this idea in the past, but reading an article on Jezebel called “Should We be Teaching Kids They Never Have to Die?,” reminded me of the concept. The Jezebel Article argues that not everyone will get to live forever, and it could create a class divide. These, however, are not exactly the only issues I would have.

As a believer in NDE’s and an afterlife in general, I don’t want to get stuck on Earth forever. I think for a long time, humans will allow people, over a certain age, to choose death. The world population is very high, with more babies everyday, so death is necessary. Yet, in the far future the birth rate could decline, and our resources increase. More people would be able to choose to live forever. Children will not be taught to deal with the fear of death, so society’s acceptance of death will decrease greatly. It could become illegal to die.

Think I am going too far? Remember Dr. Kevorkian? Already people are suffering from painful degenerative diseases, and they want to die. It is illegal to grant this wish.

Think that I’m out of the water because I will not live that long? Believe in reincarnation? I better hope to get born into the class that doesn’t get to live forever, or I might be stuck for a very long time. (Even if the quality of life in this class is likely to be low.)

I do hope that it is impossible to truly live forever. I think sooner or later a soul will just decide to leave. Science will not exactly understand that the soul is deciding it has been too long. They will spend fortunes trying to truly defeat death. Yet, maybe, what we should be trying to defeat is an outdated view that death is negative. Death is not the end of your soul. There are many different possibilities of what will come after, and death is a natural part of life.

This is just a possible future, but, if we start to teach our children they don’t have to die, it is highly possible.

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