Honesty about blogging

Sometimes I get frustrated with my blog. I attempted blogging many times in my life, and I’d have to say this is my most successful. Success has been slow, however. I understand why. I jump around on topics quite a bit. I cycle between k-pop, writing, and the theme of the blog (Intuitive Voyage). I understand that the theme of my blog, isn’t the most popular blogging topic. I enjoy it, but know that if I wrote about God instead I would have a lot more readers. I also am not stable in my passion. I question it sometimes.

I do not have many pictures. My sister (once a successful blogger) told me that a good blog has a picture with every post. All I have to do is an image search and already my blog looks more inviting… I might start listening to this advice. I just like using my own images, and that takes time to create. I kind of feel guilty using images other then my own.

Finally, the quality of my posts vary greatly. If I had a few well researched topics, that were not just my crazy idea’s, then I think I would be more successful. An example of a well researched blog is AngelicView. At that site there are so many quality posts that I often mention the blog.

So I need to ask myself, what am I blogging for? If it is to get more readers, a lot more effort is needed. If it is simply to create a diary, I can just continue what I am doing.

I’d like to thank those who do read my blog. I realize that it isn’t the best blog, and, if I ever get enough readers, I will leave wordpress. I have designed websites in the past, and am only on WordPress because it seems to reach more people.

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