An Open Mind: Farsight Institute

It is considered praise to be called Open Minded, but it is a challenging thing indeed. I just watched Courtney Brown’s Announcement on The Great Pyramids of Giza. All throughout it my mind was finding ways to resist what was being said…

Let me explain a little. Courtney Brown is a part of the Farsight Institute. This Institute does what mainstream scientist’s call Pseudoscience. As someone who is drawn to the metaphysical, a lot of what I read is considered Pseudoscience. My conventional science education often pops up when I am reading this kind of science, but I consider it the best kind of science. It has a great potential to break down walls in science that mainstream scientists don’t even see.

At the Farsight Institute, they study remote viewing. A simple way of explaining remote viewing is psychically focusing on a target in the past, present or future, and describing what is seen/felt. The cool thing about remote viewing is that the psychic often doesn’t know the target, but can describe it perfectly.

At the end of Courtney Brown’s announcement, he talks about having an Open Mind. In my mind there had just been a battle between the part of me that wants to believe, and the part that was taught to write it off as Pseudoscience. Suddenly I felt how hard it is to truly be Open Minded.

You might not believe it, but I considered studying science in college. Imagine the battles that would be going on in my brain, if I had invested more into conventional science education. I have enough problems with my limited knowledge.

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