Teal: How Can I Help Reduce Suffering on This Planet?

This is a very timely message for me. About a week ago, I heard about a horrible misfortune that a family was going through. I begged for a miracle to heal them. Yet, before that I had a moment of doubt. So much suffering in the world, like children being forced to shot others in Africa. Why did God allow this level of pain. Pain often only eased by death. So I cried a painful cry pushing down the urge to cry loudly. I used all my manifestation power towards getting that miracle. Yet, why did I put faith in manifestation anyway?

Sure in high school in religion class they explained that there is suffering in the world because of Man’s Free Will, but this answer does not satisfy me. Because a lot of suffering isn’t caused by man, but by nature.

More recently, the argument has been introduced into my life that there is suffering in the world for us to learn from. Yet, wouldn’t there be a natural limit to the level of pain.


By Teal

When we look at something across the world that causes suffering or when we look at something in someone else’s life that causes them to suffer, we feel powerless. Being empathetic, we want desperately to do something to improve the situation. But we don’t know how. The most crucial thing for us to understand is that we will never feel good about the world we live in, or about ourselves until we stop addressing suffering in terms of specific, isolated incidents. We will only reduce suffering if we treat suffering on this planet as a whole.

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