Middle School memories

I am sure I am not the only one who has a certain day of the week they wait for. With TV shows coming out about once a week, I’d say we have all been living by the week a long time. When I was young I would say, “Well, there’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, Monday, Tuesday….” I would just repeat the days of the week until I got bored.

I wrote a creative writing paper in Middle School about how Man invented time, and then became a slave to it. I wish I saved it.

Middle School was the time I discovered our families massive dictionary had a rhyming section. I’d write poems with it. Poems about the Wolfman, and other weird topics. I showed these poems to my only friend in Middle School, Jocelyn (I was a major social outcast). Jocelyn told me that my poems were horrible, and even brought a book to school to show me a good poem… I stopped writing poems.

Looking back, I can see that my poems were really not that good, but I wish my friend had given me constractive criticism. I guess that is what she was trying to do, but Middle Schoolers don’t always know the best way to word things.

Jocelyn was a genius. She was so advanced that, at a young age, she started taking classes on passing the SAT. I didn’t even understand what the SAT was at that point.

I would come up with creative idea’s to entertain her at lunch. The other tables talked about boys, and I was talking about how the Earth could be a cell in the body of someone called God.

“Cells don’t look like the Earth,” said Jocelyn.

“It could be a different kind of cell,” I said.

“That would mean human’s are a virus.”

Anyway, I am glad to see my memory is still in working order. My brain has some damage because of my illness, so sometimes I worry.

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