Manifestation Box Entry #1: Dream House

Manifestation Technique Practice: House
I own a house near my sister. I earn enough money that I can easily make the payments on the house and cover all costs of the house. Either that or I have enough money to pay for the house in full before moving in. I have found a location somewhere in between a mansion and the house directly next to my sister.
305 Maple St. Ypsilanti, MI (this or something better.)

This house is within short walking distance to my sister and appears to me in good repair. It has the character of the Historic District while having been updated. It is also even closer to Depot Town than my sister’s house. I am able to frequent the restaurants in the area. I have a number of people employed for help. A cook, a housekeeper, and a gardener. If I have children I will have a wonderful nanny. All of which I have the abundance to pay well and not worry about the costs of their salary.

Also, I know that they are testing of self-driving cars in Ypsilanti. The process towards self-driving cars will go smoothly and quickly. Ford will want to test the more practical uses of self-driving cars in the area and will start a program where they allow many individuals in Ypsilanti/Detroit to take part in a study. These individuals will be allowed the use of some of the first self-driving cars as soon as they are safer than if an experienced human driver on the road. This will be very soon.

In short, I will be provided with a cheap monthly fee to be able to call a self-driving car to drive me around Washtenaw Michigan. The fee will be extra cheap because it is taking part in a study Ford is conducting on how to design a program for people who pay monthly for the use of self-driving cars. The study will expand quickly from Washtenaw to the rest of Michigan including the Upper Peninsula.

At the same time, new ways of making money will replace the jobs of Ride-Share Drivers and Taxis. They will find these new jobs even more enjoyable. I, personally, will be making my increased income from doing a number of creative pursuits. I will be selling my digital artwork easily along with making more income from my Blog. Self-driving cars will be designed in such a way where it is hard to become car sick even for my sister Theresa when she rides in one. It would be so difficult to become car sick that she could ride in a self-driving car and read/surf the web/do her work.

Of course, if my sister does not get car sick from working in the self-driving car, I will not either. At the same time powering the car will become so cheap that it is realistic to go on long road trips throughout Michigan just to have some time to focus on work while enjoying traveling.

Each self-driving car will be designed for Internet use and Entertainment. You would be able to rent movies based on how long your drive is predicted to be. Also, they will be designed to be comfortable to sleep in while the car drives.

Even after the initial study is complete and Ford releases it monthly pay ride program, the decreases in the cost of powering cars will lead to the program being much cheaper than traditionally owning a car. The travel industry would boom across the country.

Ford would come up with a system where you could plan long trips ahead of time so that you could take the same car across the country, or initially the state. You would not have to move your luggage often. Cheap run down hotels would be replaced with places to shower and rest, as people could now sleep in the car comfortably. There would still be nice hotels to enjoy a stay at.

Anyway, as for my house, it will be in good repair and well decorated. The furniture will match the historic district and I will have a number of pets that are well house/garden trained. The historic district will allow me to put up a fence to keep my easy to train dogs happy. Also, my dogs will get along with my cats and my cats with my dogs. I will hire a Dog trainer and not have to worry about the cost of payments.

I will have a garden with raised beds. There will be flowers in the front yard and vegetables in the back. I will be able to get training on how to be a better gardener and use advanced gardening skills. I could even hire Laura Bruno for advice on the garden. The historic district will also approve of a greenhouse for my backyard. Which I will easily pay for expert carpenters to put up for me. I will be able to afford all improvements needed to the yard/house.

I know that the house is in a good location not far from Depot Town. Ypsilanti will grow more prosperous to attract more businesses. The view from my sister’s front yard will continue to be beautiful and if anything moves into the field in front of her house, let it be things I want to have by me… such as a beautiful tea store. In fact, I wouldn’t mind starting a tea store in that field, as work would be near home. Another good thing to move into that field would be a place with an indoor pool that I can easily afford to swim in.

There is much potential for that field, but whatever moves in will look nice enough that it does not ruin my sister’s view. It is also enjoyable enough that the property value would increase in my heart.

Another possibility for that field would be a playground or garden. If said garden came with a small coffee house all the better. More small businesses will open and survive in that area. The Depot Town and Downtown will boom. Ypsilanti will reveal Ann Arbor in the quality of food places, but at a better price.