Conversation entering Theta

I am listening to Shamanic music again as I start writing this one has more vocal chanting.

They say the slow drum beat does something to allow an altered state of consciousness. I did a short google search on the topic and found this explanation.

How does shamanic drumming work? Repetitive, rhythmic sound in a frequency range of 4 to 7 Hertz (Hz) brings on an altered state of consciousness, say researchers.1-3  This frequency range matches electroencephalographic (EEG) theta wave activity in the human brain.

I don’t intend to write out another shamanic journey, this time. I am just discovering if writing while listening to shamanic drumming effects the way I write. In my last post, A written quest, I wrote out a journey I had done several times while listening to drumming to enter theta. I discovered that it takes longer to write out a shamanic journey than to visualize.

I was thinking about that last post and realized that in shamanic journeying there is actually another option then going up to the sky realm or down to the lower world. You can also just go on a walk through the earth realms.

I do not know if I will write another shamanic journey out because I didn’t write out a circle of protection first and this might upset a real shaman. I am by no means a shaman or very well trained in the shamanic arts.

I am just someone who uses shamanic drumming to enter theta where I sometimes seek guidance and other times envision.

I am finding it harder to carry on a normal conversation while listening to this drumming in particular. My typing is slowed and longer pauses are taken between sentences. Sometimes I start a sentence in my mind only to get lost upon writing the first word.

I am wondering if my writing seems more relaxed because of the long pauses? I wonder if, with the frequency of the words written, the reader would take deeper breathes and slow down the stress on the nervous system.

I recognize that it is a hard time for many. If only I had the same power to summon relaxation in word as the shamanic drumming slows down the brain waves.

I kind of regret having written politically because I do not feel it is my place to change people. I spoke and if you choose you can listen. I spoke from my experiences which differ from yours. The world needs more acceptance of differences. Writing about politics, does not produce the theta relaxation.

I wish it did. I wish politics could be relaxing and joy bringing. Vaguely I can remember hearing that marching bands used to lead up to political rallies and a little community party was held when a politician came to town.

The past was hardly the ideal world. Just a differing world. The campfire crackling is making me sleepy for a moment (its in the YouTube music I posted.) I did not write particularly quickly, but I am going to withdraw from writing this post now.

Conclusion of everything I have written? Nah, too relaxed to think too deeply. My analytical self is getting too sleepy to speak. What have I written anyway. I don’t quite remember.

Oh yes, you have read the results of me trying to hold a conversation while the drums pull me deeper and deeper into theta. Perhaps next time I will do better.

Conclusion so far is that theta is better for jumping from star to star on a vision quest than it is for talking. Yet, perhaps if I practice writing in theta I will get better?

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