Log Saturday, Sept 5th 2020

Dear Reader/Listener,

The world, continues to be the world. I continue to be a part of it and apart from it. Mentally I’ve been multidimensional all my life. It seems no matter what angle I take, I cannot see the full picture. I can see the details. This piece and this piece that don’t seem to fit together.

I have in my memory lots of details that are jumbled into a puzzle box where most the pieces are missing and it would take lifetimes to collect them all. Then even more lifetimes to assemble them.

Even with all that seems to be going on in the world, with those few pieces I’ve managed to collect. I am not worried. Perhaps I have given up on worrying about what I do not understand. Perhaps I have stopped picking up other peoples worries and making them my own.

The energy feels as if it has shifted in the collective. A new season is approaching. I look at the politics bewildered.

I know I am blessed and have been blessed. I do not know the contents of the future. Here and Now I remain. I can only deal with what is in front of me. I know there are others who do not have the same support I do at this time.

Here I am able to buy food and pay rent. I did not believe that the extra support in unemployment would disappear for so long. I have savings and if my savings fail me I have family. I am able to feel peace while others worry about food.

I have food to cook. I have abundance. For so long I have been searching for abundance. Years ago, I would try affirmations, I cast abundance spells, I have studied the Law of Attraction, etc. Now it feels like I am the abundant one.

Looking back, even when I didn’t feel abundant, I had more than I needed. I was simply upset that I didn’t have what I considered abundance. Now I am surrounded by abundance. I have so much.

Just look at the Internet, if I get tired of surfing I can switch gears and create content. I am write, I can draw, I can photograph, I can film. So many options. When I am surfing, just look at all those rabbit holes to get lost in! I don’t believe half… or a majority of them, but wow! All that music I can listen to for free. There are libraries of books that can be read. Mountains of movies to watch. Countless sites filled with art in visual and written form.

All these years I’ve lived in a world of so much abundance. Outside of the Internet there are other forms of abundance. There are roads to walk down. There are trees to converse with. Not a fan of trees? Try communicating with the birds. Maybe the streams or the wind or the rain?

There is the dimension of the seen and so many layers of dimensional self. It is easy to get lost in the dimension of mind. There is the dimension of heart, soul, spirit. And, while some dimensions are heard and seen by the outer senses, the inner senses and the extra senses can offer so much opportunity.

Years ago, my Father was watching a movie about the end of the world. He asked me if it scared me. I said, “That kind of thing does not scare me, it is fates worse than death that do.” I read somewhere online that the end of the world would be in December. The world is ending again? The world has ended so many times already in this lifetime.

I do not know what the future holds. At this point in time I get to be one of the abundant ones. Here I am thinking about the choices before me. There seem to be a number of choices. Which non-reality do I want to make my reality?

On this topic I should not write too much. I am able to see how unclearly people seem to be seeing and acknowledge that I too seem just as unable to see clearly.

I know how I am voting, but regardless of how you vote or if you vote, I will not hold it against you. I am unsure which non-reality I want to subscribe to. Politics in general confuse and frustrate me. I am too apt to consider both sides of a debate in a world polarized. I will vote as I have decided to. I do not care to sway your vote, whether you make the same choice I do or not.

So I remain Here and Now. Unable to see the future no matter how many tarot/astrology readings I watch on Youtube. They certainly are entertaining. They can get the wheels of the imagineer rolling. Often when I am watching a tarot reading, Abraham Hicks can been seen in the recommendations smiling at me. Just a little reminder to pick my own reality, but I tell you Abraham, it is entertaining. Those readers have some good ideas and if I don’t like the ideas I ignore the reading.



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