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At times I feel like I betrayed GOT7 when I started focusing more on BTS than GOT7. I started following GOT7 only a month or a few weeks after they debuted. I had imagined that my first concert would be in Chicago with GOT7 and while it was in Chicago, the group was BTS.

I remember when k-pop first started showing up in Chicago concerts, before that it was only locations like New York and California. I had wanted to attend a BTS concert in Chicago the first time they arrived because, while I was an ahgase, it was a k-pop group. Only at the time, I was low on money.

My roommate had skipped paying rent several months in a row and I had covered the entire bill. (Hopefully this old roommate doesn’t read me talking about that because she does sometimes check my blog.) Later I complained to my Mother about my roommate (who was my Sister) not paying rent and my Mom repaid me what was owed.

I was very immature in my relationship with my Sister at the time . We had lived together as roommates for so long and I had a tendency to not see my role in our relationship.

I had a therapist whom I talked to about my Sister a lot. When I told my therapist I wanted to see BTS because they were a k-pop group, but I didn’t have the money, my therapist blamed this on my roommate not paying rent. She said I needed to do something about this because I deserved to see this group, K-pop. (I didn’t explain the group was BTS and K-pop was the genre.)

I had a tendency to run out of money I could spend and still make rent two weeks before the end of the month at that time. For the first half of the month I’d go to restaurants (because I didn’t think of myself as much of a cook) than the following two weeks I’d live off of whatever food was in the cupboard. I was an impulse buyer where I’d stop by the metaphysical bookstore and get crystals knowing full well that I’d have little food at the end of the month if I did.

I liked supporting the local businesses and, to this day, if I go to a coffee shop with enough money in my bank account I sometimes purposely spend extra on unnecessary add ons with the good feeling that I am helping the business survive. Plus my tips can easily go above 20% at restaurants. Even if at a coffee shop all the barista has to do is pour some Iced Tea in a cup, they usually get a dollar tip.

As for my crystal collection, I felt I was not valuing the crystals enough, so I got out a pendulum and asked each crystal, “Do you want to be given to someone else.” A majority of my crystals wanted to be gifts. Those that wanted to stay ended up being given to my Nephew at some point. (I have no idea where my pendulum is right now maybe someday I will discover where I misplaced it.)

Anyway, I heard that the BTS concert I had wanted to attend was delayed in starting and there were other mixups that would have made it less fun. I did attend my first concert when BTS went to Solder Field last year.

GOT7 gave me many smiles and laughs throughout the years, they are quite good at variety. Part of me still sees them as boys because they were so young when I got to know them. When showing GOT7’s more recent videos to a friend she said, “They are so good looking it almost makes me like them less.”

I first ran into BTS at a time when I was more of a Shawol. I wasn’t looking for a new group to follow until about a year later. As a result, I got to know BTS when they were adults and even if their age might not be far different from GOT7 to me they feel much older. I think if I had followed BTS right away, I would see them less as adults today.

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