Chatting about Astrology and Reiki

After a long break it is time for me to flaunt my writing skills. Don’t you see it. I totally know how to press the keys on a keyboard and turn the beautiful beat of clicks into sweet sweet artistic wordplay.

All humbleness aside, because humbleness has been done and used up, I was just reading a random article on BTS and their zodiac signs when I once again ran into the concept that Virgos are dancers with vowels and consonants. IE… Virgos know how to write well.

The common association with a Virgo is that they are very neat, but if RM and myself are any indication that is often a false stereotype. I have been told with Virgos they are either very neat or completely out of order if one thing is misplaced. If one thing is misplaced everything might as well be misplaced. 😉

I, however, am not the typical Virgo as the Moon and Pluto are more influential in my chart than the Sun. My Mother is wise in calling me the Moon, because the Moon is actually the most powerful part of my astrology chart. My Moon is in the sign of Libra.

As entertaining as it is to talk about my knowledge of my chart, when it comes to the nuts and bolts of reading astrology, I get bored. Really I don’t care if the Moon is at 0 degrees of an angle to Jupiter or 30 degrees. The amount of study required to be a knowledgeable astrologer and understand a chart so that the wording describing a chart would produce joy in place of boredom… in my opinion not worth it.

I much prefer the meditative healing action of Reiki. Not too many days ago I had a sore neck, which I applied Reiki healing to, but I decided to heal more than one person at once. While I was sending Reiki healing energy to my back, I also envisioned sending some to Jongkook who has been hiding back pain. I’ve been sending healing energy to BTS since about the time of the Chicago concert. (With a break for two-three weeks due to being highly distracted.)

In the past I’ve sent healing energy to Tzuyu when the controversy arose years ago and to JB of Got7 when he was having back problems. Only that was not Reiki because I was not a trained Reiki healer at that point.

So Jongkook, I hope you are open to Reiki distance healing, if you are not the energy will just go to the closest source that is open to it. I am well studied in many esoteric arts. I know a number of sources that say, you don’t change the world you live on, you change to a world that is already the vibration of what you prefer. (Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka.) Recently I read a book telling me to stop being a healer, that I should respect and allow a person to be sick and respect their ability to heal themselves.

Yeah, but that isn’t going to cut it. My very personality type on the Myers-Briggs personality scale is sometimes even referred to as the Healer Personality type. I am an natural and now almost completely trained energy healer. I am qualified up to the level of distance healing. I have not taken the final level, and some never take the final level of Reiki training. The final level is to qualify you to train another person, it also teaches you how to do quicker healing. In the final level I would be able to provide as much healing energy in 15 minutes as 45 minutes at the level I am currently trained in.

So for efficiency’s sake sooner or later I will have to be trained in the final level of Reiki. I am, however, getting prepared. I have a self requirement of remembering to spend 10 minutes a day in meditation everyday before I will allow myself to take the final class. This is because my Reiki teacher recommended it and if I am not going to follow the instruction of the instructor, I am not ready for further instruction.

So once I start living a healthier lifestyle by waking early and devoting myself to Yoga or meditation each day, it will be the sign I am waiting for to continue my Reiki training.



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