Throwback… Monday?: Loving Shadow Work

(Please excuse my tendency to capitalize words for emphasis. I wrote this post many years before I started attempting to correct that annoying habit.)

Loving Shadow work

IMG_0634 (2)Should I be serious or talk about pointless stuff. I am fully able to dawdle on about pointless life points for hours. Yet, that is not the theme of this site. I am not sure why you come here, but I assume that it isn’t to read about how my apartment hasn’t turned off the heat yet. (I have an inability to do so where I live.) So it is hot at home. I do not always recognize I am hot, so just get tired. That seems to be my body’s default response to anything. Maybe it is my Past Lives telling me that for any sickness, the option of sleep is the cure. I know this isn’t really the case, but it is like a subconscious effect of any illness. It doesn’t even need to be an illness that requires rest. If I get mild eye irritation I will dedicate my free time to rest.

One of my favorite enlightened teachers, who I talk about often (Matt Kahn) says that sometimes when you get ill, it is so your body can catch up to the growth of your Soul. It isn’t some horrible manifestation you brought on by having the wrong attitude.

I will try to remember to link to the video where he says this. (I am at work and while I am waiting to help people while at a computer, I cannot watch videos.)

I like this concept because I spent years of my life caught between sleep, deep sleep, and a little awake time. I was on a medication that messed with my sleep schedule. I am the only person I know who can say I slept 24 hours a day for two days, many times. I told you about when I would sleep 16 hours a night. Yet, before that, I would struggle to keep normal hours to attend college and catch up on sleep during the weekend. It was a horrible state to be in because I’d sleep right through taking my Bipolar medication. I think I was able to sleep so long because during the sleep I’d start going through withdrawal.

Right now, I think many people are starting to go through health problems that make them extremely tired. If Matt Kahn is right, then I am a member of the First Wave of Ascension that is finally coming out of the craziness. Other people are just entering what I have already gone through. Even some of the First Wave is still suffering. I took on an intense course in my Life Plan so that I could be among those who inform others suffering, it isn’t forever.

When I was sleeping my life away. I felt horrible, my youth was disappearing. Important years spent having relationships in college were instead spent in dreamland. Each day went by so fast. Yet, now I have a different perspective. My studies of NDE’s show that a person can appear at any age they wish in the Spirit world. On Earth, our bodies might age, but in reality, we are more timeless than a diamond.

I used to be afraid that in my next incarnation, I’d have to start from ground zero. I’d have to go through the phases of illness for myself to learn. Without my illness, I would never have been able to talk about the First Wave of Ascension seriously. It took a matter of breaking down before I was able to let go of bias.

Now here I am writing about it with a straight face, and passion. My heart is moved by the teachings of Matt Kahn, and now the channeling of Kryon. It’s like I am uncovering answers to questions, I didn’t know I asked. Kryon moved me to tears yesterday. At a point in my life, I would have been either too caught up in the possibility of evil tricking me, or unscientific insanity. I would not have been able to be moved.

Yet, my heart sings when I listen to Kryon, and I can sometimes literally feel Matt Kahn’s voice vibrating my heart. It is such a gentle wave of vibrating warmness, and I know, that before humanity was taught channeling was sinful, the Great Teachers of the past would do the same.

When Jesus taught on a hill, he wasn’t accepted by most of the society. Yet, there were those who needed his words so much, that they overlooked the reservations of their Rabbis. They needed to gather to feel his words in their hearts.

The power of Charismatic Leaders is dangerous. Did not Hitler to fill crowds with the passion of his words? I understand why religions teach against channeling for that reason. Yet, it is part of a human need, to have another person’s words fill you with passion.

When I asked you to put aside reservations and to let your heart soar to the words of those channeling Pleiadians, I did so with the assumption you let your heart guide you. There are those who channel Pleiadians and fill you with fear of other kinds of aliens, the bad kind. In a conspiracy theory, they are said to manipulate governments behind the scenes. How does that make you feel? Does it fill your life with joy?

It is possible that it is true, but where is your faith in the Goodness of Creation. If other kinds of aliens are allowed to interfere with human affairs, Creation allows it for a reason. So that these bad aliens can see the Light of these ‘weak’ humans, and ultimately find the light in themselves. They might see us as weak, but we are not.

So whether it is bad aliens, or bad people fueling the wars on the planet makes no difference. Perhaps, as Pleiadians talk in metaphors, bad aliens are just a metaphor for the evilness of manipulation. Pleiadians are beautiful users of metaphors. These bad aliens may represent the shadow side of humanity.

Each human is light and darkness combined. Maybe we wall off the bad side of ourselves, letting it exist, but not in our actions. Or we are taught to wall off the good side, pretending to be bad, but daydreaming about doing nice things. The shadow will never completely disappear, but needs to be Loved. The darkness and light need to combine in Love. In the end, the darkness will only discover that it is light too.

I remember the book, “Dark Side of the Light Chasers.” We are each the full range of human emotions, good and bad. We are manipulative and compassionate. Most people will accept being compassionate, and a wall of being manipulative.

Yet, why do we manipulate? We believe that the truth will not provide us with what we need to survive. We can manipulate for Love, Money, Success, but isn’t our manipulative nature ourselves stating, “I know I deserve to be Loved, have Money, and be Successful.” We just get so fearful of not having these things, and we think the truth will not give them to us. Bentinho Massaro might be right when he states suffering comes from a false belief in lack.

So these bad aliens might serve as a way humans can depersonalize the human struggle between light and dark. It provides a new perspective over only looking inside yourself. It might not completely be a metaphor, perhaps there are bad aliens. Yet, the set up of the Universe is such it for the benefit of all involved. Does it make sense that there could be manipulative people or aliens behind the scenes of Government, but the Universe is so well designed that it is a good thing?

Rereading, I realize that I got majorly sidetracked. I was talking about being afraid of repeating the same steps I went through in this life, in my next. Yet, I think we only repeat the steps we didn’t learn fully from. Once you have learned something your Soul doesn’t forget. The experience of this life will never be completely repeated in another lifetime. So while many are suffering illness as their body better melds with the Soul, they are completing something that will benefit all their lifetimes to come.

Isn’t that just beautiful? That even something so horrible as an illness could is not in vain? The disease is allowed to exist because we need it to. Is not the Universe wonderfully designed? Matt Kahn tells us to recognize everything is Divine without needing to understand why. Does understanding how this seemingly horrible thing is Divine help you to accept that just because we don’t understand how something is Divine doesn’t mean it is not?

Even though I mention Matt a lot, I do not always agree with him. I think, if taken incorrectly, his teachings could lead to a disconnection with other people. It feels like almost a blocking of that person to me. However, maybe this is an important stage for people to face. Instead of looking for others to accept us, we learn to accept ourselves. Yet, to me, I still want to talk to others, instead of listening. Another thing I noticed is when he brushes off those with conspiracy theories.

Yet, maybe there is more to conspiracy theories than meets the eye. If having a conspiracy theory fills your life with Purpose, so for it. It is one thing to watch a hero battling dark forces on screen, but it is another thing completely to be in a group of people that battles it in real life. However, if it fills you with fear instead of Purpose, I suggest thinking differently. You can do little to battle the dark when you are scared. It is better to remember your own power and live life.

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