Appreciating What I Have…

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This is just the beginning of my collection of Oracle cards and Tarot Cards. While I have given away many of my crystals, I have only given away 3 decks of my Oracle cards. A Doreen Virtue Faerie themed deck, the Angel Prayers deck by Kyle Gray and a Tarot deck called Crystal Tarot.

You see in the past, I was for many years in a time of abundance. During this time, I was known to buy crystals and card decks tarot/oracle. In college I had the dream of having a library filled with Oracle cards that I collected throughout my life, once I was older.

Now I have given away the best of my crystal collection because I felt they should be with someone who actually used them. I tended to let my own crystals sit forgotten and even hidden from young hands that might steal them. Well, those young hands now have an impressive crystal collection for an almost 7-year-old, because I have let him look through my collection and walk off with what he wanted most many times.

I still can envision one day living in a home with crystals as decorations. I am picturing crystals big enough to be centerpieces.

I have decided instead of giving away my Tarot/Oracle collection, I would start using them. I am starting an Tarot Journal where I record in the calm of the night the card for the next day. Each week I will use a different Tarot Deck (until I have to repeat) and my favorite Oracle Deck The Oracle of E. (Might start rotating this one in the future.

The desk this week is The China Tarot.

I decided to invest in a nice Tarot Journal called the Tarot Planning Journal.

Here is my inspiration to start drawing a daily card and weekly planning spread.

The Oracle of E is by far the most positive deck I have ever found. Using this one along with my Tarot card will offer a positive twist even to the days where I pull a stressful Tarot Card.

According to my weekly planning… this week my sister is going to be talking behind my back complaining about me to my Mother. (This is nothing new.) I, however, will just shoulder the burden of being talked about such and be the victor by paying it no mind. I forgot to pull a oracle card long with the weekly theme. However, there is a second theme to the week. That today’s cards came to help me understand better. This week, I need to finalize a list of qualities I would like from my ideal partner and than I need to act like I am already in a deeply Loving relationship. I need to be prepared for the Universe bring such a person into my life in the future.

I am letting the Universe do all the work and be my OKCupid. The people I was attempting to attract on there were either too superfical, or gave me an underlinying feeling that they were not a good catch.

In short he accidentally mentioned he only comes to my city for court, and when I asked if it was courtship he said yes. Yet, I was quiet because I didn’t really believe him so he changed it to Jury Duty. Than he suddenly started trying to internet cuddle with me out of no where. Something was telling me that he was not being honest with me.

Another person kept on asking me for a Full body picture and gave me very short answers to all my conversation. So I decided OkCupid was too much work, and I was going to stop wasting time on it. These were not the only men I was talking to, but only one seemed promising.

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  1. I met my guy on a poetry forum when we were both teen poets. We didn’t meet in person for another 9 years. The fact we initially bonded over a hobby though convinced me that one of the best ways to meet your someone special is by doing the things you enjoy/are passionate about and happening upon a person you mesh with.

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