Another cold :(


I have to say that the weather is wonderful today, yet perhaps slightly too chill to walk when you already have a cold. Tomorrow will be even warmer and I hope I will have recovered enough to enjoy it after work.

Michigan weather is by nature unpredictable. Quick changes from winter to spring back to winter can happen in three days. Sometimes the weather changes during the day. Well today, the weather is in the process of becoming warmer. The sky is free of rain clouds even if a good amount of little white clouds are there.

Well, I opened a window for fresh air and am enjoying this weather as much as I can with a cold. Seating here coughing as I type. It is not that bad of a cold but I try to respect my body when it is sick and try not to spread an illness to others when I can avoid it. What does this mean? Lots of indoor time when I am sick. Thankfully I am well stocked up on food.

I did take a trip to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few things like milk, pineapple juice, lemon juice, honey, cough medicine, and honey. Pineapple Juice is supposed to help lots with colds. Lemon with honey in hot water is for sore throats. I also picked up some foods and was surprised now much everything cost at the end.

Well, I guess I traded some money in the digital form that was just numbers on a screen for four big bags of goodies! Instead of focusing on the price, I should focus on the goodies!

Tomorrow I hope to catch up with any blogs I am behind on.

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    • According to forum people you are not supposed to say, “I am sick” you are supposed to say, “I am well.” So in that case I am feeling better.

      • It seems to me saying “I am healing” would be better to say if trying to be positive. I feel like saying “I am well” if I feel like poop would just be lying. It may work for some though.

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