Tarot Readings Last Night


This is the cover of my Main Tarot card book. Due to Copyright information, I am not posting more than the cover. When a deck does not have extensive explanations for each card I pull it out and examine this book to fill in for a good booklet.

I used The Tarot of Jane Austen and while I took personal pictures to review, also due to copyright, I will not be posting the images. At some point, I may need to take down older images of spreads I used.

My first Tarot Spread was about romance, linked with the fact I had recently joined OKCupid. The Spread was mostly promising and in the Celtic Cross.

The first card was the Two of Candlesticks: Which I concluded was the Two of Wands after reading the description of what the Candlesticks stood for.

The first card in the Celtic Cross is what “Covers you” it is the base of the issue.

It is a promising card of opportunity and change, however, after a time of wait. This opportunity needs time to grow before it is ready to blossom.

The next card is what “Crosses you” for better or worse.

It ended up being another candlestick, the Ace of Candlesticks this is another positive card. This card was also very much about opportunity and beginnings.

Underneath the third card was about the past on which this situation is built. It was the Lord of Coins, which I equated with the King of Pentacles. This one will not quite be as easy to understand. I think that the basis of my question is that a part of me wants the traditional security of a stable relationship. I want to find a real “gentleman” who is reliable and trustworthy.

The fourth card which is placed to the side of the first two and not underneath it is placed facing away from the current situation. This card is what in behind me in the past. This is the Lady of Coins. As opposed to the Lord of Coins, the Lady of Coins is the female traditional rule of a sensible Mother/Wife who knows how to think rationally and budget. I think this represents me moving away from the traditions I was brought up with. The conventional Western views of life. Would say that I am less apt to base my life choices on the same mindset that previous generations did.

The fifth card which is what ‘crowns me’ shows the Knight of Coins. Yep yet another court card in the Pentacle suit. This one reinforces what I said about the third card. The fifth card is often the ideal I hold or the ideal that my future holds for me. It is saying that in my mind I have the image of a faithful stable Lover and this future is a possibility.

The sixth card is what is very close in my future. Before me is the Three of Teacups. A time of partying and celebration. With my sister getting married and having a bridal shower in March, this coming Spring and Summer could be filled with celebration. This card shows three women singing at a piano. I think these represent my sisters including myself (with one not pictured.)

The Self Card or seventh card is The Magician. In the Self Card location, this certainly represents me. It is telling me that I am skilled in the Art of Manifesting what I desire. To take what I have learned and use my skills to, in this case, find my ideal mate.

The eight card is the environment around me, it shows the Maidan of Teacups. Which I decided was the Page of Cups. As I am in many ways attempting to start new relationships, both with new friends and a new partner. This card shows the environment around me is ripe for new beginnings.

The ninth card can how hope or fear. In this case, it was the Ten of Cups. Meaning I am dreaming of happy relationships with family and friends.

Now the tenth card takes a twist. This is the ‘most likely outcome’ and it is the Five of Candlesticks. In The Tarot of Jane Austen deck, it shows a woman walking away upset from a group of gossipers. Here I cannot stop picking a movie inspired by a Jane Austen book, Lady Susan. The movie was called Love and Friendship. In it was a manipulative woman who had mastered the Art of Survival while doing exactly what she wanted in life.

So the outcome card needs a little thought.

I looked at the bottom of the desk and saw the Ace of Quills which I concluded equated with the Ace of Swords. However, the card showed a book on the image, “Emma.” Both Lady Susan and the book Emma were about strong women who crafted the world they desired for themselves and others around them.

I think that this Spread is telling me I will be a bit more in the mastery of being a powerful female after I have been in more relationships. Now I am in the environment more of a Maidan whereas the final result will be someone who is willing and able to play the game of romance.

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    • Yes, you are free to read for me. I didn’t post about the two other readings I did last night. I have to review the second one about career (alone this time.)

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