Experiment One in Chai Slow Cooker process: made with San-cha Masala Chai from India


I am just now settling to the computer portion of my day, which is usually later in the day. Today I found myself needing a nap as I felt a head cold coming on. First I ate an apple and started making a Slow Cooker Chai Concentrate. Here are the Instagram Updates.

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To keep Doctor away

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The apple was for eating not adding to the slow cooker.

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Now two hours on low

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I finished off with one hour on High. Took out the cotton muslin bags and let the liquid cool for hours.

It was based on the cooking times of this slow cooker recipe.

Yet, perhaps because it does not have Fresh Spices the same cooking is not needed. Next trial will be 8 hours on low. (Overnight) So I have fresh warm Chai Concentrate in the Morning by just throwing in the ingredients and sleeping.

Results of Concentrate milk with milk will be Updated tomorrow when there is sunlight to take a good picture.

Note to self: Tasted good, but will need to experiment with fresh spices like Fresh Ginger to really bring out the Spices. I want to email the San-cha shop to ask what Fresh Spices would mix well with the current spices, but will not bug them. I think just a few powerful Fresh Spices would make this even better… but what?

If you happen to know Masala Chai do you have advice?

The tea was a San-cha Masala Chai.

What Fresh Spices could be added to really bring out this tea to a whole new level?

To really take advantage of the long slow cooker process, the result I think should be a spicer tea. I did not want to invest in all the different spices in most slow cooker recipes as some of them are costly in my area.

I have a lot of San-cha Masala Chai to experiment with. Yet, I will have to finish the results of ‘experiment one’ before making more… which, considering how much I drink tea, it will not be long.

I think ‘experiment two’ will be the same ingredients with 8 hours on low. Changing from High to Low every two hours, while easy, still means you cannot set and forget. To set and forget is the whole point of the slow cooker.

I am now going to look up the best way to keep Muslin Bags clean for reuse.

Update: Reviews on the site are claiming that the Muslin Bags are too thick and keeping the smell of their potpourri in. Perhaps it kept a great deal of the Spices from mixing well. I will need to make the next batch the same with the tea leaves and spices floating in the water (to strain it after.) Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the brewing process and the bags were too thick.

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