What Are You Rowing Your Boat Towards ..Or Away From??

Tried to write a political post, but this one blow mine out of the water. It offers hope to those who are getting deeper into Fear.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


How did I not ever realize that the day the 11:11 light field anchors in to prominence here is the same day we have our elections (and I use the term elections very loosely.)  Weeks ago I opted out of the madness, choosing to not do all the work it would take for me to vote today.  However, in my own way, I am reneging on that plan.  Sort of.

Making its way all around facebook land yesterday was a channeling by Esther Hicks about this election.  Let me share it here for you:

I listened to most of it, enough to realize something really important within myself and my understandings.  I am still voting for Bernie.  Somewhere out there in the bands we call time or alternate realities, Bernie IS on the ballot and it is his time to win and invoke the energy of change that our world…

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