I might be a fish out of water with writing, but I intend to Fly… like Got7


So I settle down to write. A fog is in the rainy air and soon football players will be in competition. I am guessing the area around the stadium is packed with cars.

If I added a few more flowers to the above statement it could be poetry on the verge of being outright cheesy. I tend to spend very little time thinking out how to make my descriptions more vivid. I write in thought form. My natural thought process is efficient and does not add the roses.

Lets try again.

Finally, I have sat down before a computer with keyboard at my fingertips. The sky is a gray that is almost luminous as a dim sun peeks through the mist. Soon football players will be throwing themselves at each other in a war for victory. I imagine the area around the stadium has many fans frantically looking for a space to park while the game has already started.

Is that enough flowers? Saying the same thing, but slightly more descriptive? I am not expert in writing. I was in the lowest Reading group in my Third Grade class. Overall the vocabulary of words I write with is limited. My writing lacks flourishes. The only thing that really makes me a writer, is that I write… lets not even touch on my grammar or spelling abilities. I will just note that I had a red line under ‘grammer’ before fixing it.

My writing isn’t poetry, nothing that makes you gasp at the beauty of the English Language. It is just short and efficient… until I get to a word I don’t know how to spell. Thank goodness that google was designed for people who similarly are hopeless in spelling.

As for ‘Typos,’ that just might be my middle name. I even create mental typos while reading. Where I will read something that is completely different from what makes sense, and I have to re-read to realize that I viewed the sentence wrong.

I might be a fish out of water with writing, but I intend to Fly… like Got7. -PeaceNowFlower


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