Various Updates (Art, iPad Pro and a Dream)


Today I joined the Ann Arbor Women Artists (AAWA), I need to be a member for 30 days, and then I can start entering artwork into shows. The competition is rough, but it is possible to win without winning. I am attempting to build up a local audience, which cannot be done by posting images on Zazzle. If I enter items into show, people interested in art will start seeing my work.

I have decided that I need to start seeing income move in the opposite direction it has been moving due to my passions. First off, I need to make up the cost of Membership to AAWA (which is only $55 a year). Then I need to start earning, through art, the cost of the iPad Pro. I don’t want to make the huge investment until I know it will pay off.

The funny thing is that I am so close to getting an iPad Pro. Yet, I decided that I did not like the way I had manifested it. I did not manifest it by following excitement, but in a more obsessive talking/fixating kind of way. Considering that my Mother is the sort to save money over even getting a single Starbucks coffee, it was a big show of Love on her part that she would loan me the money.

So I told the Universe that I rejected the way this had manifested. It had been months already for this item to manifest, but this object represents something beyond just a tool for art. This object was proving to me my manifesting abilities.

I have been unable to find a Sweepstakes that ends soon enough to hold off my action in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, I would win big.

Today, the Universe inspired me to stop letting a lack of Self Esteem get in my way. I need to start showing my work, and standing behind it. So, after having had a Tarot Reading last Friday where it was recommended that instead of getting lost in the National crowd on Zazzle I find a Local Audience, I took step one.

I will not have been a member long enough to enter the Summer Juried Exhibition, so that need not be my worry at the moment.

Now for the dream I had recently… this is part of a comment I made on The Spirit Garden.

Yesterday, I had a dream that energy was coursing through my spine, and the sound of a drill was entering the top of my head sending energy downward. In my dream I placed my hands on the top of my head and there was a huge hole in my skull. At that spot the bone was soft tissue. Kind of like a baby has soft tissue in their skull that later hardens to bone.

I do not know how building a Local audience will go, but I have to try. In today’s day and age, it is hard to say someone’s artwork isn’t good enough. The trick is not changing your art, but to find the right audience.

On the AAWA site, I listed some Prints on Sale for $15. This is higher then my Zazzle price, but I figure, since I will have to go print out the work and transport it, I should ask a little bit more.

Below are the images I listed for $15. It is so hard for me to decide which art will be able to sale. The featured image of this post, I considered too simple.


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