Walk’n for hours – Easter


I wasn’t sure what my plans would be for Easter. After getting up, I decided to take the bus to Starbucks (I am one star away from a free drink). As I stood by the side of the road for my quick trip (fully prepared to spend hours at Starbucks with my earbuds, and cords.) Then I remembered an essential element to my plan. The buses were not running due to the holidays.

Based on the side of the road I was on, I decided it better to head Downtown then to visit Starbucks. So I walked. As I reached the Downtown I noticed quite a few businesses were closed. For I had been planning on supporting Chipotle, which the rumors are was set up by the evil M company to get a bad shipment of meat. This is due to Chipotle announcing it was going GMO-free. Only Chipotle was closed for Easter. So I settled for a Fruit Parfait and Tea Lemonade at a local coffee shop.

After spending a good amount of time at the shop, I made the choice to attend Mass as my Mother was trying to get me to go. I showed up early to get a seat on Easter, I went to the baloney to quietly finish the Angel Academy 5 call 4. Showing up half an hour early was unneeded because surprisingly this Mass did not fill up.

I listened to the sermon, and considered talking to the priest at 7:30 when they offered Confession. I wasn’t feeling the need to confess, but to talk about the things I believed. To see if it could at all fit. I however, started walking home instead. When I got closer to home (I had been listening to Angel Academy 5 call 5 while walking, and had over an hour left to listen to) I decided to keep on walking until I got to Qdoba. Qdoba is not exactly Chipotle, but other then GMO differences I consider the two about the same company.

After eating my vegetarian tacos. I headed home. When I was almost home, I saw the sky start flashing. I wondered if the flash of light that David Wilcock talks about was happening. However, it started to slowly rain. The flashes much have been lightening in distance. So I prayed to the Angels to hold back the main part of the rain just a little bit till I got home.

I made it home non-drenched. It has been a very solo Easter. Others decided to go through with their morning plans before I woke up. They wake me up if they want me to come along. Around the time they got home, was the time I was getting ready to go out. I checked for any plans, and they said there was none.

Yet, I would say it is a good day. However, I got a massage weeks ago, and it was a deep massage. My back still feels sore, and I am planning on sticking with gentile massages from now on out.

It might not be the massage that is doing it. The Blog Channeling of the Masters said that one of the ascension symptoms currently is a sore back. I am torn about ascension symptoms, but it is more exciting then just having a sore back for no reason.

So that was my day, I walked quite a bit. My legs are now resting.

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