Continued effort halted by Cold


I was going strong on the motivation to make changes, but my cold seems to have caught up with me. Instead of making progress toward being away from technology, I have started up Battle Camp again. I do not know how long I will play this time.

I am not, however, in a troop yet. I started my own troop with just me in it. I lined up two trades, and now I have to level up an Ultra for a trade. We shall see if I still want to play at the end of the week.

Instead of going out this morning, I didn’t get up as early as planned. The part about fixing my schedule I didn’t mention is that I do not always fall asleep any earlier, even if I woke up early. I am so stuck on the late night schedule that falling asleep early can be hard, and sleep is important.

This is why the plan was to move back one or two hours a week. I got up in the right amount of time for that plan today. I hadn’t planned on getting up at 8am that day I did. It is just a random occurrence.

Here I am typing and coughing. It is not the worse cold, but it is in my throat. Usually my colds are head colds. Yet, in the spirit of Matt Kahn, perhaps it was very important to my growth that I cough loudly. Perhaps I am clearing a blocked chakra by sending air though it quickly.

The cold has decreased my energy such that I do not even know if I will be going out tomorrow. It is a day off for me, but maybe I don’t need to make my cheese and refried beans nachos just yet.

I don’t know if I will fall asleep at a good hour tonight, as my cold was such that I brewed three big cups of tea, and added lots of honey. I also took a hot bath to breathe in the steam from the bath.

All I’ve eaten today is half a sub (Jimmy Johns), a pickle, chips, one can of grape leaves, and Chai. I am wondering if I should force myself to eat the other half of the sub.

This is unlike any cold I’ve ever had. I can breathe just fine, but I keep on coughing. I am grateful I can breathe. My mood is good, but I am getting this deep feeling to not go out in the cold tomorrow.

Bedtime is soon. I will eat an apple instead of the other half of the sub. Good night. Even with the three cups of tea running caffeine through my veins. I plan on laying and listening until tired enough.

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