I support both Tzuyu and the netizens


Sometimes as a K-pop fan, an Idol gets into controversy. I do not believe that Tzuyu was supporting Taiwan’s Independence from China when she was given a Taiwanese flag to represent her nationality. I, however, also want to understand all sides of the topic. Whether she intended to or not (I say not), she ended up offending many mainland Chinese.

Here more here.

I have been reading the comments on articles about the controversy. Many people have taken this as a chance to put down the Chinese. Yet, you are not going to win anyone over to listen to you, if you first put them down.

So if you want to represent the fandom, do not point any fingers of blame. Respect everyone involved. State you views clearly, and without put downs.

Now is the time to support JYP Entertainment. If you have not bought Twice’s CD, maybe give it a try. The controversy has lowered the entire companies stock price, and many artists have been forced to cancel promotions. Twice will likely not be able to promote in China for a long time, which could hurt the group.

I personally, think her apology was the best course of action. Others are putting down JYP for posting the apology on Youtube, and advising her to apologize at all. How is bad mouthing her entertainment company going to help her career? Think of Tzuyu who is likely already upset that other artists have had to cancel plans. She already thinks it is her fault, even if it was a misunderstanding. Then she sees you bad mouthing JYP due to it all?

Sometimes thought is needed before speaking or typing. Think of the power of your words, as I am hoping my words will be powerful enough to change the tide in Tzuyu’s favor. If you join in, and use the full power of your words and actions, perhaps we can make a difference.

I already sent out a prayer for the girl, who is 16, and for everyone at JYP. Fighting!


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