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I think this one is for us

mattkahnI am sorry, I have gone pretty far into the topic of Disclosure. I’ve been asking my pendulum, “Yes,” and “No.” Questions on things like, “Is Disclosure going to occur by the end of the year.”

Yet, Matt Kahn got me back into realizing something. The prison I am in is not because of any Cabal. I create my own limitations with fear.

I think as part of my ascension process, I needed to get into Disclosure. Really look at the Good vs Evil storyline. I needed to get my hopes up that despite the fact that Sweepstakes never delivered me from needing to make choices, perhaps there was another way.

The secret you seem to be missing is that you are completely free. You don’t need to wait for Disclosure, because it will not come until we are ready. We will not be ready until we realize our Freedom was always there.

In this video Matt Kahn asks the question, “If I had everything to gain and nothing to lose, how would I act and what would I choose.”

I kind of hinted at this when I wrote my future if money magically appeared, and asked you to do the same.

My recent interests in Disclosure had rebuilt duality within me. So lets just say that the Duality I was focusing on Manifested in my reality. Where before there was harmony, now there was discord.

Anyway, I now believe, that if I wait for Disclosure, it will not happen. This is a personal conclusion, it is not from Matt. After I deal with the choices that need to be made in my life, it will no longer matter to me if Disclosure happens or not.

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