Fear: Its Okay

tree_branchesI can encourage you to not be afraid. Yet, it is an authentic emotion. Seeing such horrible things happen in Paris, I begin to worry if chaos will erupt across the world. I imagine what it would feel like to have a shooting where I live. To be afraid to walk to work, and decide to hope home is safer.

Even if it is true, that today is actually one step closer to the Light then before. That the darkness is acting out because it is losing, if it where happening around me, I wouldn’t be necessarily able to see that Light was winning.

Yet, the most notable way of dealing with fear, I have ever come across is Prayer. This problem seems outside of my control. Even if I am a great Manifestor, I am hardly experienced.

So it is time to call on our Friends, who have been dealing with this kind of situation for who knows how long. The Angels, the Saints, and God. If you feel particularly in need of personally helping, meditate for Peace. Meditate for Safety. Meditate on Love. Send positive feelings to a world that needs it, right now.

It is Okay to feel afraid, but as soon as you are ready, turn fear into action.

The darkness is taking a stand. Prove that the light shines brighter, all the while knowing that the dark has already lost. Whenever have you turned on a light and seen the darkness win. The darkness flees the light every morning. We have been all in the long dark night of the Soul, but the sun is rising. The day is coming.

You need not worry about those who have died. They are happy, and cared for. It is those who are alive who must face the fear. An attack like this, is an attack against the whole world. Let us join together to shine all the brighter, so that the darkness comes to light. That which hid in the dark shall see the Light of Day.

They say the dark is darkest before the Light of Day.

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